Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Erin want real bad

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Anonymous said...

Cue philbilly...

the peoples car


Erin O'Brien said...


After all, it's not unprecedented.

twinklysparkles said...

I know NOTHING about cars and car engines, but way back, before marriage and kids, I bought a 1972 black, chrome-bumpered VW bug.

Within a year, I ended up donating it to Kent, Ohio's own Kent Zendo. I lost track of it after that. Maybe it's still in the backyard and they use it as a flower pot.


glittermom said...

uh oh...looks like youve been terminated...was it the beetle or the hurry cane you wanted?

philbilly said...

Or maybe it's selling for
in Texas. Ignore the spiel in the ad about 'ol Fuhrer. Fact is he hated Porsche for being a national hero in racing development(Auto-Union V-16). He rejected Porsche's design out of hand for a car to emulate Ford's Model T.

When other German automakers, who fell over themselves to be chosen at first, realized the car was to sell for 1000 Reichmarks, $360, they ran for the woods, leaving Der Fuhrer to come hat in hand to Porsche, who demanded a factory, and got it.

No German citizen ever got a car, and the British were responsible post-war for building the first non-military Beetles.
27 million cars later, their value continues to climb. A mint original camper bus sold two years ago for $216,000.

Although I like the new ones, I know nothing about them, except the engine is on the wrong end.

Anonymous said...


At some point I think we should be able to get college credit for frequenting this blog.