Saturday, January 26, 2013


Watch it. Go on, watch it!

Boy-oh-boy, they sure liked that cable. They sure liked that flying scissor kick. David Lee Roth sure liked himself.

Cowboy boots and a towel, smoke rings, a hair dryer as mock weapon ... it all adds up to a perfect follow up to yesterday's post.


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twinklysparkles said...

I loved DLR, what a bod, he could move his hips, he was athletic. All that chest hair which was more manly (and scary somehow) than any of the boys' bodies in high school. Except for that one senior football player who dated a cheerleader....

This was so much sillier than I remembered which is quite refreshing.

I caught a joint that DLR threw into the audience at a show in Toledo. A guy who does a Van Halen tribute show down in Connecticut said he was gonna use that in their shows. I feel I've played my part in the legacy of '80s music.

Thanks, Erin. That was great.

Anonymous said...

Ah 1984...

Tipper Gore forms the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) in response to the "filth" she hears on her daughter's Prince album Purple Rain.

BTW For all you kids enjoying our hostesses little tour down memory lane just remember if you could smoke dope in your dorm rooms in the 80's it was because my cohort was doing it in 1972.

And you feel fucking old.

Pa Pa has spoken.


Kirk said...

Whether he liked himself or not, I much prefer Roth as the Van Halen frontman than Sammy Hagar, even if Hagar technically was a better singer. As Rolling Stone put it after Hagar replaced Roth, Van Halen was now "just another metal band with a great guitarist and boring lead singer."

twinklysparkles said...

I do not think Sammy Hagar was a better singer (snore snore). Nobody could screech a high-pitched screech quite like DLR. There's something completely silly and antithetical to metal about it, not serious at all. Hopefully we were all laughing at hair metal by the '90s, but with VH, we were laughing already.

And no way could Hagar match DLR in assless chaps or a g string:

I rest my case. or in the words of the great Erin O'Brien: go to hell.

(Am I allowed to use one of your tag lines E? You make it look so easy, delicious, and fun. I bow down to thee).

Anonymous said...

@ Everybody..."Jump" reminds me of a band called Aztec Camera, who put out a couple of genius covers of "Jump"...My preferred one is called the 'Loaded' version, which pays homage to the sound and sensabilities of the Velvet Undergound LP of the same name.... I have to think there's something on YouTube, but I haven't checked...

Anyway, try to find it, it'll make your day.


WV: Can you believe my WV is one digit off from "1984"?

Erin O'Brien said...

There is no doubt DLR had it goin' on hard and then some.

Twinks: +1+1 on his chest hair. Is it true the young guys shave all that off nowadays? Damn.

dean said...

O'brien: hairlessness is apparently in right now. I feel this is unfair as I am getting hairier as I get older.

Erin O'Brien said...

Don't these cwazy kidz understand the difference between this and this?

twinklysparkles said...

Is this the same zeitgeist that's making women shave their muff hair into oblivion? I don't dig it.

I didn't realize the boys had gone loony as well. I love men of many types, hairy, not hairy, in between. But shaving the chest hair? I know the swim team used to do this but regular guys? Razor stubble on the chest? Creepy.

Thanks, MR, for leading me to the Aztec Camera. I don't love it, but it is better than the original. Their sound reminds me a bit of Yo La Tengo.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect Ms Sparkles I think a case can be made for oblivious muff hair. And while it would be inappropriate to elaborate in such a refined forum I will say the young men of today are pampered.


jonas said...

"Panama" remains one of that band's greatest creations. But let's slow down on the "metal" talk. These guys never were, nor never aspired to be a metal band. A GREAT rock back, to be sure. But certainly not metal.

As much as I wanted Al in the White House, I will always hold Tipper's nonsense against him. It was so without reason as to be neck-deep in the absurd. Makes one wonder how "liberal" any person can be that supports or even gives tacit support to such a movement. Congrats Tipper, you and your boneheaded friends did nothing more than help a TON of bands sell more albums. To wit: Megedeth's "Hook in Mouth". A good read. Of course, you have to ignore that Dave Mustaine is now a fairly right-wing, anti-Obama, conspiracy-birther-nut. Oh well

Jordan said...

This brings back such memories, especially since you and I about the same age. Also, I was at the infamous Who Concert in Cincinnati in 1979.

Jon Moore said...

@RJ- I must say that nothing kills my desire quite so much as a woman presenting her nether region as prepubescent.

Erin O'Brien said...


philbilly said...

Now that I'm a geezer, I listen to 91.5 FM Bainbridge. I've traded Eric Burdon, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix in for Cab Calloway, Kay Starr and Billy Strayhorn. Nonetheless, I was gobsmacked to discover that "Just a Gigilo/ I Ain't Got Nobody." was done many times since the late 1920's, including Betty Boop. The version that rocked out on 91.5 was by Louis Prima in 1956. Badass.

To catch a whiff of rock'n'roll just before it busted out like a big'ol D-cup at the Roxy, check out Kay Starr's
"Am I a Toy or a Treasure?". Listen closely to Harold Mooney and his Orchestra speedshift and wind it out. I find that playing this really, really loud and banging on shit with wrenches adds to the listening experience.

Anonymous said...

Ah, pubic hair once again rears it's ugly 'head', pun intended thank you very much.

There are many reasons for this steady move towards the smooth look and feel. Many single out the
internet for exposing (accidental pun but I'll keep it)many to hard-core porn who otherwise might never have viewed it. Others point to hook-up culture creating situations where a quick shower prior to connubial bliss wasn't an option, and that old saying 'keep it clean as a whistle it won't get blown' is true. Older individuals are grateful for no longer having to contend with Nature's Own Dental Floss-taking a time out to clear a hair from between the teeth just isn't dignified and it's even less erotic.

Me, I blame Demi Moore.

If any of you don't know why I make that reference, just google 'Demi Moore bush photo.' If you haven't seen it make sure you
have a friend you trust available in case you experience a disassociative episode. You've been warned.


Anonymous said...

Hey, phil, if those artists and that era are good for you, and if you haven't heard it already, Joe Jackson recorded a kick-ass LP called "Joe Jackson's Jumping Jive." Off the top of my head it was maybe '83. GREAT stuff, and long before the big-band/swing revival...and thanks for reminding me of the great Mr Calloway. I've got to find a copy of "The Cotton Club."


Erin O'Brien said...

Good christ. It's too early for this.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Moore makes a good case as well re: Oblivion. I suppose one could make a case for moderation. However I recently encountered a fair maiden with a replica of the Trevi Fountain sculpted in her pubes and thought that a little overdone. Not so much that I failed to cast 3 coins at it for luck, though.


philbilly said...

I'll check it out, MR

twinklysparkles said...

candy ass

no respect need be paid