Saturday, December 29, 2012

Not candy-ass

Behold a dish of leftover ground beef, one of spaghetti sauce and some leftover mac' and cheese.

If someone were to mix them all together and eat the resulting concoction, that would be the most non-candy ass thing of all time.

* * *


Anonymous said...

How do you guys keep from weighing 900 pounds? I gain weight just by reading the food posts here.


Vince said...

Soak some leaves of good pasta make a good b├ęchamel with one clove. Then layer. Cook as Lasagne. Since it's winter and you are no fethertailed candy arse serve with a good sippin whiskey, none of your girly wine. Paddy is good. That'll warm the cockles of your heart and put hairs on your chest. Or anyplace else for that matter.

twinklysparkles said...

the owls

the polka dots


Goat said...

Status Update

Ground beef is gone-- working on the mac n cheese, don't know what is going to happen to the sauce. Also not pictured was the gyro meat that disappeared before the picture. I must be candy ass since no mixing has occurred (yet).

Anonymous said...

Goat, what impresses me is the time of your update...7:14A...MR