Sunday, December 30, 2012

From old school to cutting edge

There on the left stands CLE metalsmith and artist Stephen Yusko. Contrary to popular belief, that mean-looking chunk of steel in front of him is not primarily used by cartoon coyotes in ill-begotten attempts to halt Roadrunners. Yusko is one of those rare artisans who still forges yellow-hot steel into brilliant sculptures with that anvil and a hammer. Yusko, along with Garrett Weider and Dana Depew were the focus of this feature I wrote for the latest CAN Journal.

All three of these gents are at once old school and cutting edge. What a kick it was to meet them and hang out in their studios.

A workbench in Yusko's studio. Dig some of that metal work.

One of Yusko's ideas coming to fruition.

Yusko told me that pieces of iron such as this are used as currency 
in some parts of the world.

Dana Depew in front of a heap of raw material in his studio.

A humble ego courtesy of Depew.

Two Depew characters holding court above a discarded Bob Evans "B."

Garrett Weider and a whole bunch of Cleveland.

In Weider's world, words are images and images are words.

Dead soldiers overseeing the action in Weider's studio.

Extreme CLE love? HELL YEAH.

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Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. Love recycled, found objects.


Mike Williams said...

Too long on the sunny beaches of Southern California and Hawaii has left me as too much of a candy ass to come back to my home town. It's nice seeing these glimpses of Cleveland from you.