Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Important updates from Field Representatives

Dear Friends,

Just to give you some insight on the works that keep this Juggernaut moving, here are two items straight from the inbox this morning:

From Hal Perry:

I just met a beer guy in Burbank. A retired detective, drank beer straight from the pitcher. Die hard Laker/Dodger fan.

Put him in a wood-paneled basement and give him a case of Stroh's from the garage; start talking about the Browns (the OLD Browns) and give him a Cleveland accent.


--I can smell the stale smoke and mildew in the basement. I can hear the twittering pzzzzt as the Schlitz and Blatz signs come on. And as for the accent, yeah, we've got that.

From Dan Brennan:

I had a dream last night, and you were in it.

You were on an ultra-long distance space flight with several other people. The ship used some sort of artificial gravity thing, so we could walk about relatively freely. The crew shared something that looked like a house, and there was an artificial environment "outside", complete with occasional rain/thunderstorms, night and day.

There was a Japanese guy dressed as Godzilla who roamed around outside as well. He took his mask off on two occasions, which was almost like getting to see a member of Kiss, sans makeup, circa 1977.

--Make it so, number one.

*  *  *

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"You were in a dream I had last night..."

Ahh, the things of youth. If I had invested fifty bucks every time that line worked for me when I was single,(and younger, and in college, where there was a fresh supply of 18-yr old girls every September... I'd be able to hire Bill Gates as a handyman