Monday, November 12, 2012

Chicago, New York, Pierponts only restaurant and a skeleton with an award and a reflected erin

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Here are three weird pictures apropos of nothing. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Hiya. As far as the Chicago-NY thing, I have absolutely no idea there you photographed that, but i would wager it's south and maybe a little west of here.
-OR-it could be directions to the closest pizzaria of one style or another...
-The really really skinny dude's award were presented by a chiropractic association, 'for long, devoted service'.
-And the restaurant sign? Another tragic misunderstanding of the rules governing the use of the apostrophe.


SIMON said...

Just love the NY/CHI pic!! My kind of pic...... Message ends!!

Erin O'Brien said...

I took the Chi/NY pic in Linesville, PA.

Nin Andrews said...

I thought Poland, Ohio was the stop btw Chicago and NY--
I had a call once from a stranger who said he was driving btw those cities and he saw my exit
and he wanted to know if he could meet Our Lady of the Orgasm.

Erin O'Brien said...

Thank you, Nin. Now I can begin my day.

Clearly, you and I were put on this good earth for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Erin-

Linesville is 402 mi from nyc and 426 to chicago.

Some my guess might actually be correct, but I'm too freakin lazy to do the work to figure it out

Your Pal Mike...

Erin O'Brien said...

I suppose we could contact the owner of the building, Mike, but I'm not sure it would do much good. Dude thinks he's 500 miles from NY and CHI and he wants you to think it too.

Anonymous said...


Don't get me wrong-I LOVE the sign. It reminds me of the signpost in M*A*S*H giving the mileages to NYC, Frisco, Tokyo etc.

I just see maps in my head anymore-the last job was all about the mileage to customers.


Anonymous said...

Say, Erin-

Did you know the "P" in JP Morgan stands for 'Pierpont'?