Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Phone cam round-up

Dude, I found your beer.

Bejeweled chickens.

There you sit, oh once-prized object, on the verge of such an indignant end. A glittering wonder not so long ago, now you're another old fat man awaiting his death while the sleek youth usurp all that was formerly yours. The horror, the horror.

Coconut water with booger floaties.

I've just seen a face. I can't forget the time or place. That we'd just met. She's just the girl for me.* And I want all the world to see we've met. Na na na na na na.

*Okay, that line doesn't fit. So kill me already.

Road shoe.

Far out, man.

The swankiest McDonald's I ever saw.

Are you serious? I mean really?

Square D safety switch, meet Picasso Redux. Picasso Redux, meet Cleveland Public Power. Now you three play nice.

Dude, the cookie place is just down the road. Look for a happy face. You can't miss it.

What do Slimfst (sic), TP and suet have in common? They meet with parrots upon a bed of Baby Ruths.

 Terrifying scene spied at local laundromat.

Don't forget to take your snack, Roby!

*  *  *


Nin Andrews said...

Man, I was in a hurry to get out of there and I lost my little black shoe. Little black dress, too, now that I think about it. Must have been a side effect of all those boogers in my coconut water.

glittermom said...

I often wonder on the random shoe on the side of the road...

Ms Amanda said...

That road shoe has a story to tell and I want to hear it!

Anonymous said...

Erin: this stalking has got to end.

MR, T/N Robeson, aka "Roby" at work.

Seriously, and as usual, your most recent update of the state of Cleveland suburbia raises many more questions than it answers:

a)How long did the disabled TV wait for the RTA Paratransit bus?
b)Can the coconut water be frozen for Pina Colada icecubes?
c) Was there any other sign of the "FM" aspect anywhere near the "CFMP" shoe sighting?
d)Isn't the empty window at the 'Hippie Cookie' bakery a little too zen for Southwest cleveland suburbia?
e) Why aren't there any expiration dates on ketchup packets?
f) Those aren't MY prints on that bowl!
g) If you skip the suet can't you also skip the slimfast?
h) Did the dryers wake up to a note that said "Welcome to the world of clotheslines"?


Anonymous said...

"Is that made with REAL lemons? Yes. Are those cookies made with REAL Girl Scouts?"


rraine said...

oh, man, you didn't pick up the pipe?

glittermom said...

Today I saw the random sock!