Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finding the right path

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Dear Lord,

As you know, I am the last earthling who still uses paper maps.

Having just completed a road trip (the first one in a long time) through Pennsylvania and New York, it occurred to me that few people still value said maps, not to mention road signs.

When the bad guys finally figure out how to take out all the mysterious space pods that talk to those GPS boxes with a giant laser and none of them work anymore, please let there be a few maps left so parents can figure out how to get to places like Mammoth Cave and Idlewild Park with their little kids and have a fun time on the Frozen Niagara Cave Tour or flying around on the Balloon Ride.

 Just something to think about.

Love, Erin

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A Daft Scots Lass said...

I haven't used a paper map since the early 90s.

Tony Rugare said...

Long live paper maps! As my says, a GPS will only help you get lost faster.

Tony Rugare said...

left "wife" out. There will be hell to pay.

glittermom said...

back in the day while the attendant was filling your gas tank you could go inside and see a whole rack of road maps..and they were free!

Kirk said...

I still rely on maps. My car doesn't have a GPS. Or do they come separate? I have no idea.

CGuy said...

As someone who's paid to be a tech guy, I remain unusually Luddite when it comes to navigation. I'll let the phone guide me when I'm stuck in bad signage hell (one visit to Grand Rapids comes to mind), but otherwise its the trusty road Atlas for me. Now a fold-em-up map, I only use the ones that the Park Service hand out at the front gate to whichever national park I'm at; good for jotting down photo locations and other such remembrances.

twinklysparkles said...

I was on a little road trip to Montreal last week. No GPS, which I agree with Tony, just gets you lost faster, but my 13-yo is only a rookie map reader so the first day in the city was interesting to say the least. But she's learning.

The Canadians up Quebec way seem especially averse to signage, at least that was my experience.

I used to be really good at reading maps but most of the time now I live in navigational purgatory.

I think the lord will grant you your wish.

Have a good day, Erin. twinkly

Anonymous said...

The French Canadians capture lost travelers and turn them in to human poutine. Wouldn't surprise me if they didn't try to pass off organs as foie gras.

I'm glad you and your child got out alive twinkly.