Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Phone cam round-up

Dude, don't go losing your head. I can give you a hand.

The original brain fart?

Obviously, something didn't measure up.

Gather 'round, children, and let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, children just like you used to win prizes at the carnival midway that were funny stretched out soda bottles with colored water in them. This one held a mysterious concoction called TAB before someone drank it and turned it into what you see here. Some children had whole collections of these that they displayed amid other strange items like velvet posters and black lights.

Times sure used to be different, children.

Airborne idea generator in the lobby of WCPN, taken just before having this interview with Dee Perry on NPR's "Around Noon."

Two frogs sitting together but not looking at each other. Perhaps they are protesting Leap Year. Is Leap Year anti-frog?

A hot time in the old town was had by ... someone.

You can have a blueberry muffin. You can have a cinnamon roll. But there should be a law against blueberry muffin or cinnamon roll pudding. 

Um, no thank you. I already ate.

Talk about your game face. You'd never know he lost the last couple of rounds.

There is a certain poetry to towering displays of Velveeta (in 2 lb. bricks no less!) at the Walmart. I do not know what that poetry is, but there is a certain poetry.

Goat seated on pod beneath a device that looks like it might suck him up into a mysterious spaceship.

Got alien abduction?

Note: pic taken before ankle event.

An epic tragedy on the road--at least when you're partial to puzzlegasms.

* * *


John Venlet said...

Erin, nice manhole cover, made in East Jordan, MI, as you can plainly tell, at a foundry I've been by many times. The one you photo'd is quite nice, as are in few in my neck of the woods.

I liked the Velveeta cheese photo, too. I enjoy that cheese on a burger, and ground up with Spam, with a bit of Miracle Whip mixed in. Spread that on half a hamburger bun, broil it in the over til the spread begins to bubble and burn, remove and then spread some stone ground mustard, such as Boetje's, on it and chow down. Pickles should be served as an accompaniment, along with chips and a Coke.

Anonymous said...



Erin O'Brien said...

John, Sometimes I like a Spam sandwich, but the Spam of today is different than the Spam of yesteryear. I would absolutely eat that Spam/Velveeta sandwich with you, but I'd need some hot sauce.

Thank you, RJ.

The Twisted Tine said...

I actually bought some of those cinnamon roll pudding cups a long while back, because I'm a sucker for funky marketing techniques. They were terrible, in every possible way. Didn't even taste like cinnamon rolls. I want my dollar back.