Monday, February 06, 2012

Injured Goat hoof and other delights

My poor Goat hath injured his hoof!

This is the unhappy result of folding table negatively impacting hoof of Goat and believe me, it looks much worse in person. While I tend this grave trauma, I invite you to enjoy some other delights:

-Behold the tales of a man, a woman and the quest for the perfect gourmet marshmallow (yes, I've already placed my order).

-You want to go easy on the calories? Here's some eye candy instead: Dig Callahan's staggering photos of a structure in Gary, Indiana, and the devastating prose that goes along with it.

-In keeping with my subtle nod to the famed Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass in this post's title, let's end this one with A Taste of Honey that I absolutely LOVED--digital age be damned!


dean said...

Tho it is not fashionable to acknowledge anything but disdain for Alpert, I like the Tijuana Brass in modest doses. Although I no longer have any... I had some on vinyl, disappeared these many years.

Bridget Callahan said...

Obviously the Goat should have a dog lick his toe. Or wrap it in duct tape. Or rub a potato on it and bury said potato in the backyard under a full moon.

Erin O'Brien said...

To hell with fashion, Dean. The Alpert/Bacharach version of "This Guy's in Love with You" absolutely sends me every time I hear it.

Callahan, OF COURSE! Why didn't I think of the potato cure?

Anonymous said...

Memo to out-of towners:
Cleveland Plain Dealer has an article today on the inimitable West Side Market, it's its 100th anniversary this year, and celebrations abound. Perhaps another cue for y'all to pay a visit to "The Best Location in the Nation".
PS- I think you can get it at
PPS the toe-"Put some windex"

Kirk said...

Too bad seeing a cathedral fall apart like that, but I guess "ashes to ashes, dust to dust..." applies as much to buildings, even buildings once thought of as sacred, as it does to humans.

I wasn't aware that you were expected to have disdain for either Herb Alpert or Burt Bacharach. Who disdains them? Rock critics? Hipsters? I'm sure 40 years ago in the heat of the Woodstock Era they might have been considered square or something, but, c'mon, if Tony Bennett now has some measure of respect among the pop intelligentsia, why not Alpert and Bacharach?

Also not sure what you meant by "digital age be damned". Don't techies like Alpert? Why are they all of a sudden an authority on music?

DogsDontPurr said...

Today was a good day to be reminded that when life gives you lemons...order gourmet marshmallows!

And indeed, that's exactly what I did. I ordered the Orange/Ginger variety. How fun is that?!?

Thanks Erin!

Erin O'Brien said...

Kirk, I was referring to the old-school video--a bunch of guys with instruments on a beach--vs. say this. Sometimes I think we out-cool cool with all our digital sophistication.

DDP: that was my choice, but the gang vetoed me and we opted for the mysterious grab bag. Check back and let me know how you liked yours. I think Daniel's write ups are a hoot. He really makes the marshmallows sound scrumptious.

Norm said...

I sympathize with the Goat. I did this job on my toe in September, it's gonna take a year to grow out. Also amusingly enough a friend of my wife's is going into the gourmet marshmallow biz. I can't believe how good they are.

The Twisted Tine said... I'm cookin' crepes and baked carrots tonight for dinner, when my lady yells from the couch that we have orders coming in from nowhere. She's jazzed, as am I.

I've got to thank you for that. :) Regardless of said veto, you've got some Orange Ginger coming your way. I'll have yours in the mail by either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Also, poor Goat... that looks painful. The color reminds me of my face when I got hit smack-dab with a case of cat foot about six months back.

Anonymous said...

Your toe post just dredged up an unpleasant memory: 5th birthday, got a tricycle,rode it on the sidewalk in February, used said tricycle to peel the nail off my big toe...took the edge off the celebration...

Anonymous said...

PS-put some windex

Al the Retired Army Guy said...


Eric - get well soon, and make your Irish-Hungarian princess cater to you in the meantime.


Erin O'Brien said...

Norm: sheesh--your poor toe!

TT: can't wait for those mallows.

MR: Windex, huh? With my mom it was Vaseline. With me, it's olive oil. At least mine is edible.

Al: you've elevated me to princess. Very, very nice.

Anonymous said...

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" wife is greek...and no, that film was not a was a documentary of my wedded bliss..MR

Craig Hughes said...

To give our two subplots a segue, would whipped cream help the goat's foot?

Judy said...


Erin O'Brien said...

MR: I knew a woman who used to brush her teeth with Comet cleanser. help.

Craig: Remember that great album cover? As a kid, I was so jealous of the lady who had so much whipped cream, she could sit in it.

Judy: you said it.

Al The Retired Army Guy said...

@ Erin - you've always been a princess, don't you know? ;-)


Craig Hughes said...

Erin, decorum suggests that I not comment on my adolescent thoughts regarding that album cover. It's enought to say I didn't leave it laying around so that my mother could see it.