Monday, December 12, 2011

Ho ho ho

Off to dive into the holiday hustle and bustle ...

... and marvel over the tactics with which the intrepid marketing teams shall tempt me.

I mean COME ON, who doesn't want a Wine Yoke to facilitate hanging one's glass of Vouvray around one's neck for the Ultimate HANDS FREE Wine Experience? (Dig that capitalization!) One never knows when one will want to engage in a spontaneous game of curling or masturbation session when alas, an end table is no where in sight.

This is clearly a sign of some sort.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. When do we break for lunch?

* * *


Anonymous said...

Seems to me a truly hands free wine yoke would also require a straw. I say just stick a straw in the bottle, right after you screw the top off.


Jim said...

Do they have a holder for box wine, too?

Kirk said...

That snowman looks like he's humping that igloo.

DogsDontPurr said...

I am so totally getting a Wine Yoke!! Love it! Ha!

WV: obiltri
With a Wine Yolk, I never have to fear dropping another glass if I get too obiltri!

Erin O'Brien said...

The wine yoke freaked me out. Who creates such a thing? Were they serious? Who buys such a thing? Lastly, who uses such a thing?

Imagine standing at a party with your glass of wine hanging around your neck. It's surreal. It's impossible. It's the end of humanity for chrissake!

Kirk: I know. That is my favorite inflatable lawn ornament pic. The KMart shopping cart adds some other beautiful dimension.

Anonymous said...

Two dudes living around the block from me in Brooklyn are having an inflatable war. Halloween too. Their electric bills have to be atrocious. I am pretty sure they're doing it to avoid having to paint their houses,by blocking all view. Either that or it's penis envy writ large.