Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Phone cam round-up: looking for a sign

Store manager to stock personnel: Hey kid, put the video warning sign smack dab in the middle of the Noxema display. You can't be too careful with those Noxema broads.

God only knows where the reader might have ended up without the address indicator arrow.

Dunno. That's a lot of clams to save, but a display mattress has a whole lot of history.

Rampant illegal immigration in America.

Your car will be tow too, fella.

Socialism in America: Everyone's going one way and everyone's going to blow some glass.

I love you too.

More socialism in America: Pushing the cross walk button a minimum of three times is a law.

I'll see your GR Montague and raise you a GRRR Capulet.

Okay already. I'll find another point to return from.

Dear Libertarian store proprietor, If I'm not a customer, can I still read it? Can I read it if I don't want to read it?

Type your own sign and I love it.

Methinks it's a subliminal message for Al the Retired Army Guy.

Hey ya ol' crow, what are you doing in this sign post?

Why, just bidding the readership a fair g'bye.

* * *


Nin Andrews said...

I was just about to steal that Noxema, I mean why pay retail?
Actually, I was going to say that I was about to nick it, meaning steal, but then I looked up the word, nick, in the urban dictionary and found this:

the hottest, sexiest man you will ever meet. usually has a very large penis . . .
get with a nick, you will always be pleased.

dean said...

I thought glass-blowing was pretty much always a one-way deal. I mean, you blow some glass, it's fucking GLASS.

Mike Lawless said...

Crosswalk buttons AND elevator buttons. (One push is never enough.)

Anonymous said...

NIN!!! I've been looking for you everwhere!!!

dba MR
wv:'undessio'-Spanglish for 'get naked'

Dan said...

Noxema... makes your wrinkles disappear. Or are those just stollen, too?

It gives a whole new meaning to stock shrinkage.

Anonymous said...

I'm in serious need of an intervention. Seeing that Noxema gave me a horrible flashback. 13 years old. A boner from hell. No other lube available. OH, THE HUMANITY!!!
This will remain anonymous, for obvious reasons...

Leslie Morgan said...

When I was a child, Heckel and Jeckel scared the living bejesus out of me, yet strangely drew me. No different today with your bottom photo. I'd own that fella and put him on the yard if I could get him to Las Vegas. I'd just avoid looking at him when I crawled on home at 4:00 a.m. in the dark!

Ditto the IBM selectric. If I could find one of those iconic items, I'd call it "art".

Erin O'Brien said...

Yeah, I deleted that comment and I detest deleting comments, but that one was just too close to racism for my taste.

That's not who I am and it's not what this site is about. Sorry for the interruption, folks.

Lord Basil said...

They're already telling you that you must wear a motorcycle helmet and a seat belt, where you can and cannot smoke, that you must buy health insurance, and even what kind of lightbulbs you can have. NOw they're telling our brave military men that they have to serve with open homosexuals, which will probably lead to night molestation in the barracks, and open cross dressing as well.

If that isn't socialist tyranny, I don't know what is!

Barack Hussein Obama - the Kenyan marxist homosexual illegally occupying the White House - must be stopped, or it's the end of the USA!!!

Kirk said...

Got a kick out of the Romeo and Juliet reference.

Is that a manual typewriter? Even if it's electric, I don't they make 'em anymore.

I arrived after you deleted the comment, so I didn't get a chance to read it. I don't particularly want to, but if it's even more offensive than Lord Basil's, it must have been pretty bad.

Bill said...

The comment was sterotyping, no hate intended. Sort of Bill Maher ish.

Anonymous said... way blowing? Not even a reach-around?
wv: 'browair'-Asian glass-blowing technique?

Leslie Morgan said...

Man, you all leave me speechless - RARE, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Lord Basil: Best EOB Commenter EVER!

Signed: Skinny (yet curvy) Blonde Conservative Chick

Erin O'Brien said...

Bill, you wouldn't have left the comment had the writing on the car been in French or Spanish. I think the writing is Arabic. Now, if someone came here who could translate it and saw your comment, what would they think? Dunno. But it's not the kind of site I want to run. I hope you understand.

Erin O'Brien said...

As for Basil being offensive, he's just a silly clown to me, or possibly a lib masking as such to poke some fun around here. Hence I let him stand.

Bill said...

I do understand, Erin. And, I'm not offended in any way. I'm pretty sure I could have come up with something for French. I would understand the Spanish. I'll ask my Iranian friend, who speaks Farsi (i know, not Arabic), if my comment would have offended him. He has a weird sense of humor too, but he'll be honest. I'll let you know if he hurts me.

Leslie Morgan said...

Man, I turn my back for just a day and you guys . . well. Bill, got your ass in a sling on EOB? I'm sorry. But I do not flush you. When we buried the hatchet, I meant it.

EOB, I've said to you before that I find Basil offensive, whatever his deal is. I wish I were as tolerant and welcoming as you are. Mostly, I am not.

Bill said...

Leslie: Ass in a sling? Ha! I haven't heard that phrase in a long time. Yeah, I might have gotten a little to close to the line. Erin is always fair so, probably. Thanks for not flushing.

Erin O'Brien said...


Erin O'Brien said...

I've been mulling this over, trying to figure out why I felt the way I did about Bill's and Basil's comments. Why censor one and not the other?

(jeez, self, as if anyone cares, as if the human collective is waiting with bated breath for The Great Erin O'Brien to explain this puzzling issue!)

I'll try to articulate myself: Bill comes along and said something really awful about a person just because they wrote in a foreign language. He didn't even know what those scribbles said.

Bill, shame on you!

Basil's rant, on the other hand, was pointed at specific policies. As for his "Kenyan marxist homosexual illegally occupying the White House" schtick, Americans are allowed a pretty wide berth when it comes to calling their elected officials names.

Dear Lord, you're entitled to your opinion, even though I think you should go to hell.

I guess that's it. You come here and rant about your opinions all you like, but leave the bigot bombs at the door.

Good GAWD. I'm driving myself crazy now.

Bill said...

Intolerance and animosity are required to meet the definition of a bigot. I hold neither of those traits in great measure. Some of my best friends are ______ . I'm almost perfect.

Kirk said...

I originally put this comment in the wrong post. Gotta be more careful.

I, for one, wasn't calling for Lord Basil's censorship. I just thought it odd you eliminated one and not the other. Actually, I assumed the censored comment was FROM Lord Basil, and the second comment was maybe the scrubbed-up version.

@Leslie Morgan--Don't be upset at libs who pretend to be righties, if that's indeed what Basil is doing. I myself once did that a couple of years ago, in a misguided attempt at satire. I owned up to it a week later in a private email, and Erin forgave me.

Anonymous said...

Erin-LB's technique, and the modus operandi of so many on the right who have an inchoate, visceral hatred of the President, reminds me of a story I heard about Lyndon Johnson during one of his early campaigns. Johnson told his campaign manager to circulate a rumor that his opponent was no stranger to the embraces of his barnyard animals. The man replied, "But Lyndon! We can't call the man a pig-fucker!" Johnson is said to have replied, "No, but we can let him deny it for a while".
This is the style of the Obama haters-throw as much vitriol, as frequently as possible, and take advantage of the fact that to the simple minded, repetition and volume come to equal truth.

Anonymous said...

wv: famous...have to grab that one...

Bill said...

"Blessed are the simple minded, for they shall save the country"

Bill said...

MR: Your simple minded remark got me thinking. Remember this genius congressman? not simple minded Way too complex for the simple minded. Now, the people who vote for him? Another matter.

Lord Basil said...

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

A mental disorder that will destroy freedom and create tyranny.

Just look at the death panels and private armies contained within the health care bill. Private armies serving at the whim of the Kenyan marxist homosexual illegally occupying and residing in the White House.

Do you not see the parallel between this and the SS? Or have union goon public schools warped your mind that you can't see the trees for the forest?

Anonymous said...

Lord Basil,
We can't see the trees because Georgia Pacific, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, is cutting them down and selling them to us so we can wipe the Ragu off our counters...and look at that dude on the Brawny paper towels package-they're selling the homosexual agenda at the same time!