Monday, June 13, 2011

Refrigerator round-up

* * *

Family, meet refrigerator.

Refrigerator, meet Family.

Leftover ham: check

Leftover baked beans: check

Leftover potato salad: sorry, I ate it

Eggs: oops, fresh out

Leftover chicken pot pie soup: check

Various dairy products (cream cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese): check

A bunch of other crap (beverages, condiments, whatever): check

Vegetable/fruits: probably

Combine items listed above with other kitchen/pantry ingredients for today's sustenance. Check the freezer before totally freaking out (Mr. Stouffer might be hanging out in there). 

The housewife has left the building.

* * *


Anonymous said...

PS-if sustenance doesn't meet your exacting standards, there's always a bottle of white zinf...
Mike R

dean said...


Except mine almost always has a teenager standing in front of it telling me that there's nothing to eat.

Big Mark 243 said...

LOL @ Dean... looks like the Goat is on his own for dinner... but don't you worry that he has been domesticated and has forgotten how to go out and find his own food?

Erin O'Brien said...

Not to worry. The Goat, like his namesake, is an obstinate fur-covered animal that will eat almost anything. He'll be fine.

Kirk said...

Forget Mr Stouffer. Worry about Walt Disney!

I'll take the white zinf if you don't want it.

twinkly sparkles said...

I love this post and your leftovers. YES YES YES! It's so good, Erin, so good. Delicious in every way. I am glad you are here and writing.


Vince said...

I wonder can you get shelves for a fridge.

twinkly sparkles said...

Holy crap! I just noticed the can opener that is magnetized to your fridge. I am sure I haven't used one of those since 1977. Awesome!

This post is really inspiring. I may have to write about my fridge some day.

Leslie Morgan said...

Got any 5-day-old leftover pasta? I can whip up my world-renown spaghetti casserole.

WV-wings. Those would be good, too.

Anonymous said...

I want to clean out my freezer, don't ask. Does anyone know how long a chicken pot pie can stay frozen and still fit for humans?

James Old Guy

Contrary Guy said...

This pic reminds me of my parents fridges (despite not living together they have the same type of fridge, both with the same scary level of overstuffed-ness). Glad I have the over/under type.

btw, looks like you're almost out of sriracha.

philbilly said...

@James Old Guy:

My best friend growing up had an older brother who was a hot rodder and domestically challenged. After a long day building hemi's in his garage, he would slump into a reclining chair in the basement and snarf whatever was easiest.

Their beleagured mother, a widow, had long ago ceded the basement and garage to the boys. As long as they stayed out of real trouble, and her car always ran well enough to get her to two jobs, she figured close enough.

After we chided him about a half-eaten beef pot pie left on a shelf, he retaliated by leaving it there for 11 years. It became a legend in the neighborhood.

We also used the basement to sound exactly like MC5
and Blue Cheer.

Good times.