Sunday, June 12, 2011

Parade the Circle 2011


Vince said...

Explain the concept behind the church towers on the girls. I know Death is walking about in one of the shots but the towers seem a bit questionable.

Anonymous said...

...Terrific...Thanks for sharing
Mike R

Kirk said...

According to, there were two parades. One on the West Side in Gordon Square on Detroit Rd, and the other on the East Side, in University Circle. Which were you at? Or were you at both?

Judging by the costumes, I'm guessing the West Side. According to the article, the West Side had the more interesting costumes and floats.

Erin O'Brien said...

Well, the fam and I were at both events. We drove to Gordon Square and took the free trolley over to University Circle, where I took these photos. Then we took the trolley from the East Side Circle to the West Side Square and I took more photos of all the cool stuff there, but the Square pix didn't fit in too well wit the Circle pix.

Mebbe I'll post them later.

Circles and Squares notwithstanding, it was a glorious day to be in Clevo. We had a BLAST!

Anonymous said...




LoDoKid said...

Give my regards to the Western Reserve~

Kirk said...

They're celebrating in Dallas and Cleveland tonight.