Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Call the elders. The fireball has returned to the sky.

Although there is rain in the forecast this afternoon (for the nine-hundredth day IN A ROW), this morning was beautiful, so I spent the better part of it walking.

The Northeast Ohio spring has been so cold and wet and dreary that our deciduous trees are still sans leaves, which has been more off-putting than I would have guessed. The light is weird. The smell of spring is AWOL despite the calendar. The same goes for the rustling sound of leaves; the wind still produces that hollow wintry noise.

When I came upon this tree, I stopped and stared. With dewy eyes, I blinked at the humble buds. I stood there in quiet wonderment for some minutes as though I was gazing at garlands of emeralds dripping from the branches.

"Hi," I said.

Good gawd.

* * *


Cleveland Bob said...

We're all in this together, EB.

I just got back myself from a nice long stroll with the auxiliary dog and we also greeted the magnolia in the front yard with a hearty hello.

It's a comin'...I can just feel it.

Leslie Morgan said...

OH, hell, Girlfriend, you're going to force me to go out on a springtimely phone cam round-up to send your way. Not that ours is perfect. The screaming wind makes me nearly certifiable, but at least it's pretty outside. Let's see what I can do to relieve the doldrums of brothers and sisters in the east.

Tony Rugare said...

Bah humbug!

Anonymous said...

The natives in these parts talk about the "little winters" we go through before summer finally arrives. So far we've had Redbud and Dogwood that coincide with the blooming of trees of the same name. Yet to come are blackberry and stump, so named because all one has left in the wood pile is an old stump, just enough to take a chill from the cabin. I like the distinct seasons here as opposed to the gulf coast where there's summer with intermittent mild and cold spells. However I would be poorly suited to move much farther north.


Bill said...

I just read, on Drudge, that Cleveland has banned all outdoor smoking and don't allow transfats in restaurant food. Jesus! It's Cleveland, not f'ing California!

Leslie Morgan said...

Hey, Erin and friends, springtime over at my place.

Leslie Morgan said...

Got your bliss over on my blog, Erin. Late breaking!

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Erin O'Brien said...

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