Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tura Tura Tura

I have posted on Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! before, but since this week saw the passing of the film's star Tura Satana, a more thorough revisit is in order.

Behold the first six and a half minutes of Faster. Of course I recommend the entire movie, but within just these frames lies a raw brilliance you won't find in any multiplex. It just doesn't get any better than this:

A few observations, in no particular order:

-Would you please watch the guys in the GoGo bar again? Please?


"Go, baby, go!"

And dig the way they do a close up of the jukebox speakers.

-I love the unstudied wardrobe. The belts and boots--Tura's driving gloves.

-This movie is unmitigated proof that breast implants did nothing to enhance the human form. This, people, is what they're supposed to look like when they're big. I wonder how many retakes they had courtesy of one of Satana's twins making a surprise appearance.

-That's some driving wheel action at 3:01.

-The pose Satana strikes at 4:47, is there anything better?

-5:33--Wet chick sand fight!

Top it off with the vintage trio of the Porsche 356, the Triumph TR3 and that MGA roadster, and baby, I'm in heaven.

Now for a few of my favorite quotes:

... the unmistakable smell of female--the surface: shiny and silken, the body: yielding yet wanton ...

How long you going to let that kooky broad showboat like that?

Go ahead, Miss sponge, soak it up. I'm-a gonna love a-squeezing you out!

She wears the pants all right, but somehow she always strips her gears.

Your heels didn't get round from walkin'!

And one from later in the movie:

Women! They let 'em vote, smoke and drive - even put 'em in pants! And what happens? A Democrat for president!

* * *

Ciao, Tura. You were beautiful, baby.

* * *


Erin O'Brien said...

I've got to wonder how this chick missed the casting call for Faster. Maybe Tura beat her up.

The Writer Currently Known as Rory said...

I guess, going to see the opera "Nixon in China" at Edwards Valencia 12, beamed live from the Met in New York City in a little over 2 hours, I needed a fair shot of nudity before I sink comfortably into my love of presidential history. Thanks for the link, Erin!

Bill said...

Getting old sucks.

Big Mark 243 said...

Thanks for posting this... I always have felt like my time had already happened... that I was born twenty years too late... and this is evidence of why I felt that way... the women are gorgeous and they have been the stars of my fantasies since childhood...

So adding '...Pussycat' to my netflix queue..!

philbilly said...

"the surface: shiny and silken, the body: yielding yet wanton ..."

This, of course, also describes the rides.

Leslie Morgan said...

You know, EOB, I'm usually pretty hip, slick and cool, or at least I get high marks for instant-on-point. This time I've fallen short of the mark. One glance at the cleavage and I froze. Solid. Once I thaw out, I'll slink away into my home under the bridge!

alphadog said...

I can't help but think that the clip would have been superbly enhanced had it featured the O'Brien piloting her dad's Jag along those back mountain roads.
Nothing says 'Oh yeah' quite like a woman in an XKE.

Contrary Guy said...

it's really disappointing that Netflix doesn't have any Russ Meyer stuff apart from 'Beyond the Valley of the Dolls', which is a horrible snoozefest. Would like to see more than what YT has on it. hmph

Erin O'Brien said...

I'm pretty sure you can watch the whole thing here.

Al The Retired Army Guy said...

Hot, big breasted, wet t-shirted chicks wrestling in the sand? What's not to like?

I'm going to hell for that bit.


philbilly said...

Al, we'll meet you by the Coke machine. You know, that one over in the corner of Hell that only serves warm non-alcoholic Zima.

Erin O'Brien said...

I am not proud of this, but there was I time when I drank Zima on purpose.

Cleveland Bob said...

Cool, Daddy-O. Russ Meyer films are like Lux Interior wet dreams.

philbilly said...

It just occured to me that although none of these cars came from the factory with rack and pinion steering, they still all have steering racks.

I do need a life.