Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fashionably Cleveland

Believe it or not, Cleveland is home to one of the grooviest fashionistas around. Valerie Mayen, a contestant on season eight of Project Runway, has chosen to base Yellowcake, her couture design business, right here on the rough-and-tumble North Coast.

How cool is that?

I recently sat down with Val in her funky warehouse studio and chatted her up for Fresh Water. Hop on over and get the skinny on why this hipster chose to settle in Cleveland, where to find the best local desserts, and what to wear when hobnobbing with the likes of Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum.

* * *


alphadog said...

I read the FreshWater piece. If Cleveland in general would adopt the attitude and vision of Valerie Mayen, it might well become the viable, vibrant city it once was.
Well done Erin.

LimesNow said...

You're pretty groovy yourself, Erin, with this. Makes me want to relocate! I love local color.Hmm. Sadness. I'm not traveling enough of late.

Bill said...

Do you think Valerie would consider dating an older married guy? I could help her paint the ceiling!

alphadog said...

While she might consider it, I would be very careful if she takes you up on it. Cholesterol count, musical compatibility, it's all a consideration. And ferchrissake, don't pull out that senior citizen discount card if you take her to the Golden Corral at 5.
As for the ceiling, get serious.