Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Around noon and I love it

I just listened to the podcast from my interview today on "Around Noon." You can listen or download here. My segment starts at about 33 minutes into the broadcast.

I was stunned to find myself engaged by the exchange, which was fast paced and vibrant. If anyone is interested, I referenced two blog entries during the show, Dear People without Televisions and another regarding the Park 51 controversy.

Thanks to host Dee Perry as well as my fellow award nominees Karen Sandstrom and Michael Salinger. I had a blast, guys. Good luck on Saturday!

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Today's graphic features the Coffee Convenience Center in 90.3 WCPN's Green Room.

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jonas said...

The Ohio accents are the best part (yours included, Ms. O'Brien).

jonas said...

BTW, your comment about being a writer and blogging, and not just waiting for the big publishing contract is something academia is increasing having to address. More and more researchers are developing blogs in addition to their more traditionally published works. The question then becomes: does that "count" toward tenure requirements? Obviously there's some resistance to the idea of having blogging "count", but for an example of a highly regarded academic blog, check out these folks:

The people who post there are some of the world's foremost scholars of religion, sociology, politics, etc. Really heavy hitters. Of course, its a blog run/supported by an established academic institution (SSRC), so that helps.

Anyway, congrats on the nomination.

Erin O'Brien said...

Thanks for listening, Jonas, and for the interesting comments on the weird state of publishing. Online publishing, print on demand and self publishing aren't nearly the shunned avenues they once were.

But I've got to ask, WHAT OHIO ACCENT?

jonas said...

What Ohio accent? Uh-huh.

Yeah, the online stuff is interesting. Lots of profs. are cranking out good stuff: its a way for them to have an increased sense of freedom from their respective institutions. But then its a matter of how much time and effort they can afford to out into such work, if it doesn't get recognized as legit by their employer. Another example some folks here might find interesting:

Laura Maylene said...

Listening to you and Michael say that writers really should have some sort of online presence made me feel better about starting a website and blog. I'd struggled with the decision for a while and finally just went for it.

I'd also like to add that I am not from Ohio originally and I do sometimes notice Ohio accents, but I didn't pick up on any obvious ones during this segment. (Though maybe I've already been here too long....)

Bill said...

I tried to listen to the broadcast but was unable to quickly get to minute 33 and didn't want to download it. I've heard you speak, on your blog, and do think you have a slight accent. I was also amused that you have a d'obama theatre there already. I bet that award goes to Erin O'brien.

philbilly said...

Karen said Erin's readers scare her.
Tee hee.

Erin O'Brien said...

Phil, I swear to god, that made me laugh out loud.


I needed to laugh out loud today.

Bill said...

finally downloaded and listened to your segment. It sounded like fun and you have a great radio voice E. Glad I listened and would like to know which contributors karen considers scary.