Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Setting the record straight

Back in May, the Hollywood Reporter ran a front page story about Lily Zanuck and my brother's posthumous novel "The Assault on Tony's."

The article took Mom and me completely by surprise. All of the rights regarding the film option for "The Assault on Tony's" remain as part of John's estate now as they did when the article ran. Furthermore, my name was erroneously listed as Maureen O'Brien, which just goes to show you how thorough the "writer" on the story was, as well as her editors/fact checkers.

I contacted the editorial staff over at Hollywood Reporter about all of this to no avail. Hence, I thought it was time to set the record straight. No matter where you read it on the Internet, as of today, "The Assault on Tony's" is not under option to be made into a movie by anyone.

The Hollywood Reporter article ran a few days before what would have been John's 50th birthday, which I noted in a bit more dignified manner. Yeah yeah.

I'm trying, John. It's hard sometimes, but I'm trying.

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Jennifer said...

Good grief, the vultures.

Soldier on, lady.

Kirk Jusko said...

They probably had you confused with Maureen Dowd.

Anonymous said...

Give 'em hell, Maureen.


philbilly said...

An IP attorney is warranted right NOW, with competence in this specific area.

Hal said...


jo said...

Hi Mo!
You mean you're not going to let them make a movie after all the time they spent COMPLETELY re-writing it? You monster.

They really do live in fantasy land out there, don't they?

By the way, it says the article was "corrected" May 17. How much wronger was the original? jeez.

Anonymous said...


philbilly said...

Sometimes an incorrect name means they're circumventing due process and service of documents. Until you are sure, assume the worst of character. Need attorney licensed in CA,btw.

I wore a suit and tie undercover for about 10 years and infiltrated the lush lunching land of the lily smooth-handed bidness/ political/ lawyah charlatans, many of whom here in Cuyahoga are now indicted/ serving time.(309 in last ten years. dag.) They are infinite in their deceptions. I really hope you and John are not being robbed.

"Zanuck" is obviously a weighty name in Hollyweird, tred carefully.

I'm bettin yer on top of this, but it gives me the willys to read about it.

Vince said...

Well at least they connected the O'Brian with a name from the correct language in Maureen. Surely that isn't that's juggled in the hands of most Yanks.