Thursday, August 12, 2010

Downtown Asheville

Tall and skinny.

Tina Fey and a bunch of long necks?

Hi me.

You guys got any coffee on in there? Put up a pot and let's have a cuppa or two.

Blurry daytime stars and I love it.

With that paint job, there's no yawning over that awning.

Open and I'm starved!

Whaddya mean "no parking," buddy? I been a customer plenty of times!

* * *


Big Mark 243 said...

Asheville is a nice looking town... great place to hide if you like, detonate a bomb at the Olympics!!

Seriously, it is not a bad place, at least it wasn't to me.

Sausage Fingers said...

Great little city, enjoy..

Anonymous said...

ah now, didn't they find that dude in MURPHY, NC (not Asheville). he woulda stood out in Asheville, it being a hippie town/treehugger town, while Murphy is more the setting you'd find Rudolph in. (don't ever say i don't have a good memory, Ms. OB)

Elisson said...

Asheville is a fine, fine little town. Scenery, art, music, good food... and a great bookstore... what's not to love? (Except I gotta drive four hours to get there. Rats!)

Oh - and if you're into shoes, the best selection outside of New York! At least, that's what the Missus says.

Erin O'Brien said...

They had the biggest shoe store I ever saw in that town. They even had shoe salespeople who went and got your shoes and talked to you while you tried them on about how they fit and how versatile they were.

I could hardly believe it!

Anonymous said...

was one of them Al Bundy?

Geoff Schutt said...

I loved Asheville when I lived there (2003-2006). And there's nothing better than being trusted with someone's secret family recipe for squirrel and dumplings. Or the smoothest moonshine I've ever had occasion to sample. Yes, the mountains can hide a home-grown terrorist like Rudolph, but they also have other delights. (Swine is correct re: Murphy -- there was a dumpster involved, too. But I suspect Rudolph ventured into town once or twice.)

Erin O'Brien said...


Asheville was a perfect spot for a short vacay. My 13-yr-old daughter loved it.

There was a hula-hoop party in the middle of town one evening. I hula-hooped with all the Ashevillians. We really had a blast.

Brook said...

It's nice to see my city through someone else's eyes.