Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Phone cam round-up

Sexy journal, baby.

Aha! The rare spotted dick!

Tree sock and I love it.

Venus de Boob0.

Squat and push and kick!

Itty-bitty motorcycle.

Yes, the package was unopened. No, I did not pick it up. Well ... maybe I picked it up ... but I did not eat it and that's the twoof!

Erin say: Let your goat roam. Let you goat be free.

Come on, now. Pop for the 99¢. Just dig that chick on the package!

Those jawbreakers shall require a very large jaw.

You go on ahead. I'll stay here in CLE.

But, it's EASY TO CLEAN!

Goodbye cruel mattresses ~sniff~

Weird bunny and Goat foot.

Chocolates made to look liked deviled eggs. Hmmm. No thanks. Jess' gimme a Butterfinger.

* * *


Amy L. Hanna said...

pecurp sez:

You clearly have something against using landscape mode for those wider angle shots. And I ain't buying that aforementioned "always falling down" excuse of yours from another PCR post ...

Vince said...

it's a wonder you are not arrested wandering about snapping at all and sundry. Or at least a visit from the fellows with the wrap-round coats.
Do you get tourists around your homestead.

Anonymous said...

Spotted Dick back on council menu.



Bill said...

tree sock and spotted dick are both things i've never seen. i continue to get schooled here.

Anonymous said...

I love that photoshopped smile on the corgi. These photos rule!

Erin O'Brien said...

Even I like this phone cam round up. It's a bunch of summer's remnants--like a mini summer scrap book. I've goofed off all summer with the kid and the Goat.

Does it really have to end?


RSA Online said...

Man now I want my own Venus de Boobie :)

philbilly said...

Me and Goat have the same shoes. Heh.

Daniel said...

I dig these random photo posts. Ironically, I am in San Diego, CA... ha.