Monday, July 26, 2010

Being married, vol. 4

HUSBAND and WIFE sit on the couch, newspapers strewn about them, coffee cups upon the side tables.

WIFE: How about some scrambled eggs?

HUSBAND (from behind newspaper): Sounds great.

WIFE heads into kitchen, where the shuffle of cooking begins: the refrigerator door opens, pans clatter and .... the sound of breaking eggs. Then all falls silent.

HUSBAND turns page of paper.

WIFE (from kitchen): Hey Hon?


WIFE: Did I tell you about the study I read the other day?

HUSBAND: What study was that?

WIFE: The one about the eggshells?

HUSBAND: What about eggshells?

WIFE: How consuming eggshells was shown to increase the size, hardness and duration of a man's erections?

HUSBAND: No. You didn't tell me about it.

WIFE: Well there you go. Some ... um ... enzyme or something. In the eggshells. Eggshell enzyme kicking up erections.

HUSBAND: An eggshell enzyme? Imagine that.

WIFE: Yep. Enzyme. Right there in the ol' eggshell.

The clatter of plates comes from kitchen.

WIFE: Breakfast!

* * *


The Fool said...

Let me guess, you got some eggshell in the egg, and you didn't feel like scrambling a new round...

J9 said...

I certainly hope you benefitted from the extra enzymes ;-)

joanne said...

Ahh, but that is nothing compared to the aphrodisiac qualities of a charred pot roast. Just ask MY husband.


Goat said...

Can we have eggs for breakfast tomorrow?

Bill said...

if erection lasts more than 4 hours, stop eating shells and just eat the yokes.

Amy L. Hanna said...

That's YOLKS. As in, the ones that are on you, Mr. Bill.

Bill said...

got me there. sure miss that speel check