Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hi Boston. I'm Erin.

South Station amigas.

Future home of Dahlia's Dungeon of Delight or past armory? Dunno.

Rooftop employee lounge @the Boston Globe. Chairs, yes. Peeps, no.

He's sorry. He's really sorry. Forgive the poor guy already!

Roses are red, my shorts are blue. I sell flowers. Here's one for you.

Boston Globe Editorial Design Department Condiment Distribution Center : That's hot!

Gimme a big ol' plate of spaghetti, some garlic bread and a bottle of that wine that's wrapped in a basket.

Hi peeps.

Geo, I SO hate to mention this, but you've totally got a camel toe in this pic.

Woof. Woof woof woof. Meow? MOO!

Sculpture and trailer.

Cute dolly.

Lighten up already, dude.

Goat 'n boats.

Chillaxin' on the strip of green left by the Big Dig.

More peeps and I love it.

Silly chick and interior shot of ladies' room: Boston Globe.

In the belly of the USS Constitution. Freak me out!

Bye Boston. You're cool!

* * *


lucy beckett 1935 said...

Maybe my favorite city in the states. Were you job interviewing? Have you been there before? I'm assuming so, because you spent so little time and saw so little. Let me know what's up, kiddo. I know the city pretty well and would gladly offer my services as tour guide, should you want one. Long time, no see, Erin. Come and visit some time; you remember where it is, don't you?

standing on my head said...

probably the best city for walking i've seen yet. a very fine art museum, and damn good burgers!

Jack Cluth said...

Tune in tomorrow, when Erin debuts on!! ;-)

Matt Conlon said...

No doubt my favorite city, although I'm biased for having grown up here!

Interesting thing about Boston is it's size. At least the down town part, excluding the surrounding cities that are technically considered Boston... You can pretty much walk from one end to the other in just a couple hours.

Good things come in small packages. :)

At least, that's what I tell my wife.

The Fool said...

It's been a l-o-n-g time since I've walked along the Commons or had a beer at Jonathon Swift's. Thanks for the memories!

Anonymous said...

I swear we were just on the same vacation. I was in Cape Cod and traveled to Boston. Did the Constitution but self-guided tour, the wait was too long. Boston was such a cool city, I would love to go back again. I'm all freedom-trailed out tho.....

MostlyFlumxd said...

I don't see a pic of where you "paaahked the caaahhh"!! Tee hee