Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stayin' alive

A few years ago, I spent the weekend with a bunch of vampires and lived to write about it:

On a flawless June weekend in an unremarkable Rodeway Inn in Medina, something remarkable unfolded. House Kheperu, a "magickal society" held its annual open house. The eclectic group is composed chiefly of psychic vampires, which, unlike their sanguinary counterparts, "must actively take in human vital energy in order to maintain their mental, physical and spiritual well-being." --read on.

During the series of talks I conducted about Stephanie Meyer's popular Twilight series at area libraries last Fall (the books feature a bevy of vamps), I always opened the discussions with references to House Kheperu to demonstrate that the idea of people feeding off of other people isn't necessarily fiction. The subject of "real" vampires never failed to fascinate my audience.

For those who'd like to find out about the phenomenon for themselves, a good place to start might be the House Kheperu Open House, which will be held again this year, but with a venue change. It will be at the Cleveland Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel this weekend.

You'll surely get your money's worth by sitting in on sessions such as Introduction to Warding, Crystal Magick and Satanism: Fact or Fiction. You may also awake on Sunday morning feeling a bit off as you crave a large glass of V8 and a plate of eggs (as I did) and wonder if, in fact, you've got a touch of sympathetic vampirism.

If so, don't worry, it only lasts a couple of days.

* * *


LimesNow said...

My own personal vampire experience: Every time I answer the phone in the office, one Las Vegas vampire or another sticks a straw in my ear and sucks out a portion of my brain.

Glass Houses said...

I actually dated someone who was involved with House Kheperu.

I'll tell you this:

Some of it was legit.

And some of it was complete horseshit.

And you just have to hope that everyone involved understands there's a little bit of make believe going on here.

Erin O'Brien said...

Hiya Limes, give 'em hell!

I hear ya, Glass, but will remain neutral. I will say that many of the members are talented energy workers.

LimesNow said...

My Ex used to say he believed in everything at least a little bit. I liked that about him. He lived that way.

I meant to say earlier, Erin, that's a devilish look for you!

philbilly said...

I swear I saw a very pale Alistair Crowley bartending afterhours in a Chicago nightclub near Cabrini Green,circa 1978. Although it coulda been the weed and rum.