Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Research, vol. 7

Goodbye Mursheen Durkin, I'm sick and tired of workin',
No more I'll dig for praties. No longer I'll be poor;
for sure as my name is Carney, I'm bound for Californey,
Instead of diggin' praties I'll be diggin' lumps of gold.

* * *

Now for a little-known fact: when we were dating, the Goat called me "Irish." Sometimes he still does, which always makes me ---> : )

* * *


Claire L Hallam said...

Ah the fabulous voice of Luke Kelly, (and the backing of Ronnie Drew like a rake on gravel). Both missed. The Pogues did a fun version of this for the punk generation-(when we were all unemployed). Of course you're Irish, only an Irish woman can be angry with such magnificence

dean said...

The Dubliners!

I didn't even have to open the youtube to be able to sing that song.

dean said...

Oh, and I don't know where the Goat would get the idea that someone named 'Erin O'Brien' has any Irish in her.

LimesNow said...

Ha, Erin! My family's name is O'Farrell, so I have a few green blood cells, too. And I can attest from a position of knowledge, California in 1968 was a wonderful world.

philbilly said...

Greatest line from any movie ever; the trail boss in Blazing Saddles during the big brawl finale:

"Alright con'sarnit, we'll take the Ch*nks, we'll take the N*****s, but we'll not take the Irish!" And the brawl resumes.

Being part Irish has saved my life several times, ironically while being the primary cause of my impending doom.

Thanks for this Erin, I think I'll get a wee dram of Jameson's tonight to toast the lassies.

Bill said...

Don't these guys look like they should be on a "no fly" list? A couple of them could easily pass for a Faisal or Hussein. What a differnce 40 years makes.