Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mexican Coke and I love it

Here in Northeast Ohio, if you go to the terrifying discount grocery store known as Marc's, you can buy a Mexican Coke. It'll run you about a buck a bottle.

Why? you ask.

Because the Mexican version isn't sweetened with that GAWD-AWFUL high fructose corn syrup slop. It's sweetened with regular sugar, which we can all understand.

You will take one sip of that Mexican Coke and go back 20 years. You'll remember how good an ice-cold Coke is supposed to taste and you will never ever settle for the shitty American Coke again.


* * *

No, your humble hostess is not suffering from an exotic skin disease. She simply (and predictably) failed to master the advanced digital technique that enabled today's breathtaking graphic.

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Chrissy said...

there are still some small mexican restaurants that will get coca cola from mexico and its still packaged in the glass bottles.. remember those?

Ken Houghton said...

It's available from Costco here in NJ.

I suspect that is not unique.

Erin O'Brien said...

It is in 12-oz glass bottles here, Chrissy.

I have no idea how widely available it is, Ken, but when you put the American right next to the Mexican, you've got to believe that HFCS is doomed--sooner or later.

HFCS is a post on it's own, but I don't buy products that contain it unless I have no other choice. It's a disgusting byproduct of politics, subsidies and greed.


Oh, and I only allow myself a regular Coke about once a month. I've drunk diet sodas for years, but I'm cutting back on those.

spants said...

Mexican Coke is amazing. It enhances sex! It clears my skin! It does the dishes!

Not really. But it does taste vastly better.

Also, if you like Dr. Pepper, get your hands on some Dublin Dr. Pepper. It's made at the Dublin, TX plant and it tastes completely different from the syrupy grossness that currently is regular Dr. Pepper.

Erin O'Brien said...

I think the trick is that the sugared drinks aren't sickeningly sweet, spants. You've got me curious about the Dublin Doc now.

Anonymous said...

I have a case of Dublin DP in the car right now. It is great.


Chrissy said...

Erin, not here in california.. just 8 oz.
my friend ordered food and his was the large bottle which he said the owner had to get from Mexico

LimesNow said...

Can't drink regular Coke from any country, Erin. I just can't do the sugar or the high fructose corn syrup. But the dark, exotic version of you is quite fetching!

Shaina said...

in Israel almost all of the Coke is made with real sugar. that's how they can make it Kosher for Passover for all those people who don't eat corn products. it is so. much. better. mmmmmmmm...

Erin O'Brien said...

Save me one, Vance, and I'll save Chrissy a bottle of Coke.

Limes: Thanks, I prolly should have put some make up on, but those dudes behind me couldn't wait.

Shaina: HFCS is the pits. God only knows what they do to the corn to turn it into that stuff.

LimesNow said...

Oh, yes, girlfriend ~ it's clear to me those men are ready to revel!

Kirk Jusko said...

You didn't have an obesity epidemic back in the days when Coke and other soft drinks had real sugar.

DogsDontPurr said...

Next time you're in L.A., I should take you beverage shopping. I know a couple of stores that specialize in old fashioned sodas that you thought you would never see again. They also carry a huge selection of sodas that were made in Mexico. And it's all in original glass bottles.

Genie of the Shell said...

Hell yes! Mexican Coke is the best. I don't usually drink soda, but when I buy one, I make sure it says "hecho en Mexico."

Erin O'Brien said...

Limes : p

Kirk: HFCS is headed the way of transfat, I'm sure of it.

DDP: Sounds like so much fun!

Genie: sí.

Amy L. Hanna said...

They have that at Dave's too at the checkout.

Cheri said...

Erin, I had just opened a bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola i picked up from Licha's grocery in South Lorain when I read this. 5-7 minutes from the Turnpike exit in Elyria. Beats all heck out of shopping at Marc's.

dean said...

Hung parliament.

Smiling Sarahy said...

I take 2 Racks of cokes from my hometown in Mexico to where I am located now.. They last me a good while and I feel like I am not so far away from home.

Bill said...

yeah, Mexican Coke is really good. I used to smoke Mexican Winstons, about a century ago. I like Mexican women too.

Claire L Hallam said...

I have spent all day walking aroung Dublin trying to find the Dr Pepper factory, but keep ending up at the Guinness brewery. After a couple of hours (a little merry I admit) I tried to buy some Mexican Coke from a nice young man by the Liffey. It turns out he was an undercover cop and my story about Fructose syrup isn't very convincing....still it beats a day in work.

Anonymous said...

I heard it's sweetened with caucasion children stolen from border towns by illegals. They call them "Gringo Dingoes."(Canis lupus dingo taco)

Happy Mother's Day!


Contrary Guy said...

They had cases of it sitting on a pallet at Costco (Polaris, Columbus area) last time I was there. Think it was under a buck a bottle, but I'm not buying unless they give the same treatment to Mountain Dew.

Bill said...

Gringo kids are definitely "sweetening" the profits of the other coke business.

Erin O'Brien said...

Thanks for the tip, Amy!

Cheri: ANYTHING beats going to Marc's but, let's face it. I can't afford not to shop at the miserable place.

Dean: Pants off.

Sarahy: Hats off. I can only trust myself with one bottle in the house at a time.

Bill: Ever try Mexican jumping beans?

Claire: Wish I could have joined you for a pint. Sounds like fun. Glad you didn't end up in the pokey.

Thanks, RJ. "Sweetened Caucasian Children" is just another way to say gingerbread boy

Contrary: I could never get over the color of the Dew. Worried me that I'd glow after drinking it.

Bill: I'm pretty sure all the Coke profits flow into one pot eventually.

philbilly said...

In Cleve, Mexicoke also available at Mi Pueblo on Lorain.

Costco and Coke have had a falling out, no more Coke products till the accountants reconcile.

Pepsi Throwback is sugar-sweetened, there is a Mountain Dew version also but really hard to find.

Coke fought this entry(re-entry, really) into US markets for quite a while, stating that their research indicated no discernable taste difference against HFCS.

Bull. Shit.

I just bought a case recently, and enjoyed a real Bacardi and Coke for the first time in years.

Thanks to the Latinos for creating and sustaining a market through bodegas that the corporate suits couldn't ignore.

Coke plans to phase HFCS Coke into Mexico now. You see, in America, you must use the ordained product lines. This is how we do it , and that's that.

Corporate ag makes HFCS under massive subsidy, and by God these consumers will consume it and like it.

Breaking up the subsidy controlled marketplace will among other things, free up significant ag products for domestic production of fuels and materials.

As I've stated before, internal combustion engines love alcohol, when not detuned to accept inferior petroleum octanes.
All the material compatibility and engine manangement issues are solved.

We should have embarked on an E20(20% ETOH and 80% gasoline) mix, but the greedy ass farmers wanted it all, and gave us the doomed E85,another failure in the marketplace.

Gasoline and Diesel fuel require more energy to produce than is embedded in the final product. Always the anti-biofuel crowd blathers on about energy balance, and it just doesn't matter. Petro fuels have proven that. Biofuels beat petro fuels on energy balance(EROI) when properly manufactured, due to easier access to the embedded energy from photosynthesis. They're oxygenated, too, a good thing.

It will take political courage to reconfigure our energy map to include a job creating, cleaner burning and domestic/imported biofuel industry. We could reverse desertification of Africa, and give them a better market to serve than boosting Chavez's heron into Europe. The courage will be found as pump prices rise.

I usta run half E85 and half gasoline in my ancient carbureted BMW. It idled funky, hauled ass(max speed with the choke pulled out slightly to account for oxygenation) and smelled like corn fritters. Good times.

paul bitzan said...

The real pleasure of drinking Mexicoke is the tall, curvy glass bottle. It feels natural in your hand. When you take a swig from other vessels, there is no vacuum effect that satisfies like the 'phoomp' elicited from the green tinted Coke bottle.

My boys, 9 and 14, both make special requests for Mexicoke every time I do the shopping. The wife is less sympathetic or gullible, depending on your perspective, and refuses to make the purchase.

yo quero Mexicoke.

ps. I really don't speak a bit of Spanish, so don't bang me on the spelling or grammar, please.

Deodand said...

Anything in a glass bottle tastes better.

I can tell the difference between Canadian Coke and American Coke, too. I had to drink AmeriCoke on a cruise recently, and the taste is engraved on my tounge. The local KFC/Taco Bells have started to carry it in their fountains, so I avoid it.

Brian Bedell said...

Hey There,

Mexican Coke has always been a favorite. I was enjoying it when the Pepsi products were all going through throwback sodas where they reverted to cane sugar. All sodas should be made in this manner. It is just so much better tasting. Anyhow, I just started following your blog because I love all the rest of yoru posts as well. Keep up the great work.

An Alternate Truth/A Fiction Blog

Erin O'Brien said...

Phil: Thank you for that. Eventually, I'll get around to my real HFCS rant, but until then, you've filled in quite nicely.

Paul: Now I'm nostalgic for the wood cases of returnables. WHY aren't we still doing that? So dumb.

Deodan: I'll look for the Canadian. Shouldn't be hard to find. After all, I can see Canada from my house.

Welcome Brian and thanks for dropping in and commenting. It's almost like we met over a virtual Coke. erf!

Amy L. Hanna said...

Speaking of Marc's, I just have this to say:

A little more than two decades ago, I had worked at their former Bernie Shulman's franchise in Mentor in my final year of high school. It had just been opened that summer.

The other thing is, I have always loved Marc's for their discounted snacks (1 pound bulk cashews!) and close-out aisle.

Therefore, I would instead stick to albeit more dedicated shops like Dave's for the more perishable staples.

HeyJoe said...

Pepsi recently came out with some sort of throwback version that contained real sugar. Someone above may have mentioned it, but I'm far too lazy to check.