Sunday, April 11, 2010

Phone cam round-up

Hmmm ... fifteen bucks ... COOL! Any chance you got the matching shoes?

Jeez. Guess they didn't like the book.

Groovy earring, baby.

Two over easy with hashbrowns and a double order of bacon, please.

Hope your boo boo's all better.

Gimme two greens, a purple, an orange, one brown, and a red. Nah, on second thought, no red.

Is it incense or is it top menthol? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.


Ham on a stand. A standing ham. Doing a ham stand.

Roadkill me Elmo?

My cheese curls are happier than your cheese curls.

Nice pants.

Dude, your ride's here.

Okay. Somebody needs to 'fess up. Who let him through the Mason Dixon line?

Holy shit!

* * *


Chrissy said...

LOL could of done w/out the last one!. omg, do u know how many times I've seen that either on the sidewalk or worse- MY LAWN!! I believe in Karma btw... :-)

Al Penwasser said...

Holy shit would have only been better if you snapped a photo of it on the steps of a church.

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Ewww! And your cheese curls ARE NOT better. Who do you think you are?!


p.s. I know it's not cool to be massively flattered that you noticed my link, but I am.

JEFF9K said...

You had me at "ham stand."

JEFF9K said...

I don't mean to nit pic, but I could've done without the shit pic.

standing on my head said...

you really should consider taking up photograpy, with something other than a cell phone!
very, very nice shots.

DogsDontPurr said...

Hey...that's MY earring! (Ok, no, not really.)

Anonymous said...

That would be the Haley Barbour Memorial States Rights Flag Pole now available at Wal Mart. Expect to see alot of those in the coming days.
But no self-respecting redneck would have a plastic mailbox. Poser.
For those readers that don't know Haley Barbour, see "Ham on a Stand."


Lord Basil said...

Funny how you have dog excrement in the same photo series as a thank you from Barry Soetoro for the government takeover of health care...

...because THAT'S WHAT IT IS!!!!


Erin O'Brien said...

Dear Lord,

Thank You for the Flowers and the Puppies, for President Obama, for the Democratic Majority in the House and the Senate, and lastly, thank You for Your Blessed Comment.

With Chaste and Undying Love,


LimesNow said...

Geez, I say it every time he appears and I say it now: Good Lord, Basil! Erin, you're a magnet!

I wanted to say that if I consumed too many bags of the happiest cheese curls in the world, I probably wouldn't look too nice in the pants. Do you think the boo boo bandage came from Standing Together Health?

WV - atortur. It is atortur to read the ranting of the right.

Erin O'Brien said...

To be honest, Limes, I'm just hoping the bandage didn't come from the Lord's nether parts.

Kirk Jusko said...

What is that green drink, lime-aid?

Erin O'Brien said...

This is all regular color drink. Get it? The green is green, the red is red, and the blue is blue.

What is it with you people having to complicate life's simple pleasures?

Now, who wants a nice tall glass of purple?

LimesNow said...

If that's where the bandage came from, get a torch. I know how to do some of the manly arts!

Whitenoise said...

Hello Erin. You continue to rock. That is all.

Colleen said...

Discarded bandages- yuck!

Your captions made my day, though.