Friday, April 23, 2010

Not safe for work

I surely basked in the moment when I discovered what sort of "research" Halliburton employees do on the job, but hearing that the SEC was hot on the wrongest and hottest of trails as the global economy was disintegrating has moved me to see what other sort of inappropriate individuals I can lure to these pages. Hence, I thought I'd post a filthy link.

I'm not about to throw out just any filthy image. I want a special filthy image. One that is at once explicit, pornographic, pro-woman, and probably still illegal in some states.

Do I have one? You bet I do!

I've been saving this for just the right occasion. So dear readers, you can thank the SEC and their big fat porno mess for finally giving me an excuse to let this baby fly.

Here it is.

For the dear love of God, I don't know what I love best about that pic. It gets better and better every time I revisit it. For starters, the shoes and the outfit are darling. Even her hands are demurely placed. Her hair looks really nice as well.


This might be a black and white photo, but I can tell that chick is wearing lipstick. And dig those eyebrows. A girl does not get out of bed in the morning with eyebrows like that, baby.

But in the end, it's the look on her face that clinches it for me. She is at once smirking and victorious; confident and poised. That's saying something for a girl in her (ahem) position.

How satisfying it is to know that, by simply viewing this photo online, I have something in common with a bevy of SEC employees, as do all of you who have chosen to partake.

* * *

Thanks to 404--not found for today's link and to Babeland for the embedded graphics, which included the Sqweel (?) and the Jimmyjane Form 2 (which looks like an upsidedown tooth to me).

* * *


LimesNow said...

Here's another thumbs-up for those shoes! Erin, if I looked as good as that babe, and retained the good brain god gave me, I'd own the freaking world.

standing on my head said...

i've never looked that good in my life. i have, however, had a similar smirky, smug look on my face.

Big Mark 243 said...

It was an impressive shot. I wonder did they 'seat' her and then applied her make up... jus' wonderin'...

Erin O'Brien said...

She does look good, depending on how you feel about these sorts of things, I suppose she looks very good.

No doubt about this being consensual, either.

I'm worried about who else was in the room, applying makeup, taking the pic, what have you. Our poor beleaguered male is under enough pressure as it is.

LimesNow said...

Good point, Erin! That man truly has a hard gig.

Erin O'Brien said...

It just occurred to me why the photo is so strange, other than the (ahem) obvious evidence (and btw, I'm enjoying all the [ahems] associated with this post), she does not look like a person having sex AT ALL.

She looks like she's in a glossy magazine ad for ... what? Secret antiperspirant? CoverGirl longlast lip wear?

It's not right, I tell you!

LimesNow said...

Like she's not taking the work at hand very seriously.

standing on my head said...

umm, not her hands that are doing the work here.
think she's bored?

Anonymous said...

Remarkable Image.


Matt Conlon said...

I think the pic's doctored. The neck line of her sweater doesn't look quite right to me, and her right (our left) shoulder doesn't look quite right either. Looks like the shirt is raised off the shoulder further than where the shoulder should be... I could be wrong though.

Amy L. Hanna said...

Gee, one click and suddenly everyone's a fashionista.

The pic is stupid.

My fingers are way cheaper and more effective than those toys.

I'm done.

Bill said...

Disgusting! The guy is just a piece of meat! Ok. I'm jealous. She's hot. And cool.

Al the Retired Army Guy said...

All I can say is ...