Wednesday, April 28, 2010

News correspondent love and Politico is candy-ass

Politico's front page was so right-leaning and obnoxious this morning, it turned my stomach. The lead headline was Why Reporters are Down on Obama.

"President Obama and the media have a surprisingly hostile relationship," the photo caption said.

A long and stunningly self-referential article followed (it's seven pages long, with no less than six links to other Political stories on page one).

Jake Tapper is ABC's White House correspondent and one of my favorite favorite favorite people to follow on twitter. So I tweeted that I'd love to hear Tapper's response to the Politico piece.

Oh joyous day of days, Tapper tweeted me back!

"i'm not part of any of that," Tapper said, "if i have issues with Gibbs, i talk to Gibbs about it myself."

So there you have it. Politco sucks. Jack Tapper rules. And I've got a new sugarpop to add to the short list.

* * *


dean said...

I want to be on the short list, baby.

Anonymous said...

I'll take your word for it. Thanks for making the sacrifice of a turned stomach so I don't have to turn mine.


philbilly said...

'pears 'ol Barack has everybody, and I mean everybody, really pissed off, the surest sign of a real leader, eh what? When they're all squawking, democracy happens.

O'Brien, I know that stilt walker dude pretty well, and I say you have a shot.
Please do not violence me , Oh Great Goat.

If I may, a personal shoutout to Arizona; Fuck you.

And don't forget to thank a veteran soon. This here 'Merkun cakewalk ain't cheap.

Bill said...

I like Tapper and also follow him. But, his last show was very weak (I told him about it) and he really is starting to avoid tough follow up questions when the person doing bull shitting is not even coming close to answering his question. His response to you about not being part of any of that is bs. He's getting too comfortable. He should be more like an old ABC white house correspondent who had a set of balls, Sam Donaldson. Bad wig but tough reporter. Jake can do it and might get tough if/when he doesn't get the full time gig on Sunday morning.

Claire L Hallam said...

Pity British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (but not too much). Not only does he have the similar bias of the right wing press to contend with; he has an unerring ability to give them ammunition at every stage of the current election campaign. He is the gift that keeps giving. Yesterday was unbelievable, he was on a walkabout, got accosted by a pensioner on an immigration issue, and then forgot to turn off his radio mike, such that the world's press picked up on his analysis as he drove away. Calling the event a disaster, and the voter a bigot he didn't realise his commentary was still on live-feed to the Murdoch empire. Seeing Brown is like watching politics from the stone age- Come back Tony Blair, all is forgiven.

Jack Cluth said...

You could have subtitled this "Pettiness and personal agendas do NOT equal responsible journalism". These maroons showed up to every Bush press clusterf--k with a pair of kneepads and a tube of AstroGlide. NOW they complain about a President who can actually speak in complete sentences??

Bill said...

Ah yes. The Commander in Chief. Excellent reader of prompter too!