Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ahoy ye Lakelanders!

Thanks to everyone who attended the 26th Annual Western Reserve Writers' Conference & Workshop this Saturday. You were a wonderful and energetic group. Your enthusiasm made my job easy!

As promised, here's links to the items I referenced during my keynote address:

--A few things I am for and against.

--What my Mini Cooper, a floppy hat and Frosty the snowman have in common.

--What it's really like to sit in a bar at 5 a.m.

--When lawnmowers and Christmas lights converge.

--The story of a day at Thistledown.

* * *


Once known as The Badger said...

Damn you Erin, you brought tears to the eyes of a 60 year old man on an otherwise perfectly good Saturday afternoon! Thank you so much. Now it's not only perfect, it's the best Saturday afternoon ever. (If you visit Digital Existence today, I promise you won't be disappointed)

Copper said...

I was at the conference - you made a great opening speaker! I think you could have gotten away with reading your for and against and spread the magic...but that's hindsight. Either way, you were great - and also how cool was it you stuck around and participated in other workshops and lunch?!

I told my friend who was there for the first time (and is new to Cleveland) she will never find a bunch of more supportive people that NE Ohio writers.

OK. Now I'm inspired. Gotta get writing...

Anonymous said...

"Morning Shift" is an interesting way to start a work week. I'd never read that, great piece. Thought of Leonard Gardner "Fat City."
Glad your conference went well.