Friday, July 17, 2009

The soup was delicious

Last night's event at Book Soup was truly wonderful. I loved listening to Joseph Mattson's and Jerry Stahl's commentary. I loved the shop and the staff was terrific, as was the audience. Thanks to all who attended!

Jerry, your humble authoress, and Joseph.

My name on a sign that does not include the worrd "wanted."

My and my good bud Bill Lippincott. Check out the books that were on the shelf behind the speaking podium. woot!

And another special thanks to DDP. Our photo got botched somehow, but I was so very happy to finally to meet you.


DogsDontPurr said...

It was so fabulous to meet you! Next time, stay a while!

And what an amazing book store. We will be saving our pennies, nickles, dimes, and dollars for another trip there. Just in our short breeze through, I found about a dozen books that would love to buy.

I can't wait to read your article in the Times. Both Alan and I were amazed at how you deciphered the metaphors in John's book. And even more amazed at the depth in which he wrote. Very intense. It will be interesting to read, knowing that there are those hidden meanings.

I'll mail you the Times on Monday, so watch your mail.

Thanks again for inviting us out! We had a great time. And you are even more fabulous in real life than you are on the blog. How is that even possible!?

Big Mark 243 said...

Wow ... you are a pretty lady! Would have been such a thrill to have met you. Too bad I don't drive, otherwise that would have been a fantabulous start to my weekend!

Glad y'all got to meet, and who knows ... you may do a book tour and I will get a chance to see you in the flesh!

Glass Houses said...

My goodness, EOB, just look at those guns!!!! Have you been working out??

BTW - if I were going to purchase Harvey & Eck online, where would you prefer I purchase it from?

(I'm a bad girl. I've hoping it would turn up at half price books but no such luck. Apparently everyone is hanging on to their copy.)

Erin O'Brien said...

Thanks everyone.

GH: I think "Harvey & Eck" is available at local libraries. If not, Amazon has a pretty good price. I sure appreciate your interest.

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