Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Notes from atop the San Andreas Fault

I am in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is not Cleveland. No earthquakes yet; but I'll keep you posted.

Here is a an excerpt of Better from today's LA Weekly.

Any So Cal babies out there know where I took today's pic? It's a very famous LA venue.

Steaming hot Book Soup for everyone on Sunset Strip tonight!

I will be on 90.3 WCPN's "Around Noon" show with Dee Perry at 12 p.m. EST on Monday, July 20th. We'll be talking about Better. You can listen to the show live here. If you are interested but can't catch the show live, listen to the podcast. I'll post the link as soon as it's available.

Confidential to readers: I miss my Goat!


deangc said...

I would drive down there (should only take 2 days) and offer to serve as a substitute Goat, but:

1. I fear I am insufficiently Goatlike, and

2. The Goat would kick my ass.

philbilly said...

Re: Your tweet "An airport concourse is the only place where you'll find motorized vehicles driving down busy walkways".

You were obviously not in Toronto when Brazil won the world cup in 1994 in Pasadena. Crazed and happy Brazilians riding up on sidewalks with giant flags sticking out windows whereupon people would pile on the cars and tempt death in the streets. More Torontans were packed in the Skydome to watch it on closed circuit than at the Molson Indy down the steet, a first and only occurence. The RCMP did not intervene cuz they were were massed on Spedina Street to guage the Italians reaction to defeat, a powder keg.
I was walking back to motel from the 1994 Molson Indy, one of the greatest races in history, Michael Andretti beating the tar out of the giants, including Dad. Good times.
Now I'm in the mood for a Molson.
Too early, drat.

Enjoy LaLa Land.

Anonymous said...

Just make sure and wash your hands regularly. Don't want to bring those leftcoastcommiefaggotmuslembabykillervegetarianorganicfarmer germs back to Ohio.


Rodger Jacobs said...

I believe that Dean bust is up at the Griffith Park Observatory.

HeyJoe said...

Wish I was in So. Cal. I'd drop by and say hey.

jonas said...


NEVER too early for a Molson.

Tag said...

If you see my nephews skateboarding on the Strand tell them to knock it off. Say Hi to my sister for me. She won't take my calls anymore.

(S)wine said...

don't give my regards to that TinselToilet of a city; I fookin' hated living there in the early 90s. but i hope your day yesterday went brilliantly.

Kirk Jusko said...

I believe a scene in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE takes place at the Griffith Park Obsevatory, so maybe that's why Dean's there.

Erin O'Brien said...

I'm in a bit of a rush, but Rodger got it--Griffith Observatory.