Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Erin drink beer this afternoon.

Erin has no postie.

Erin say go read comment section in post below if you needie to readie.

In fact, go on and comment yourself. No need to stay on topic.



Sean Craven said...

Fill with mingled cream and amber
I will drain that glass again
Hilarious visions clamber
through the chambers of my brain
Quaintest thoughts and queerest fancies
Come to life and fade away
What care I how time advances
I am drinking ale today

Lines on Ale
Edgar Allen Poe

Sean Craven said...

Here's one my sainted mother would quote when in her cups:

How well I do remember
one evening last September
I was strolling down the street
in drunken pride
Thinking thoughts I could not utter
I lay down in the gutter
And a pig came up and stretched out
by my side

Thinking thoughts I could not utter
I lay there in the gutter
and a colleen passing by
was heard to say
"You can tell the man who boozes
by the company he chooses."
And the pig got up
and slowly walked away.

(The last line to be spoken sloooooly.)

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in America, Dan Quayle is watching Sarah Palin's resignation speech over and over and over, pumping his fist in the air, going, "I'M VINDICATED!"

(I mean seriously. How bad is it when I had to hear Shatner do that speech to realize it was a poem?)

philbilly said...

Clamato sighting;

Stopped for gas south of Flagstaff last night, went in for caffinated beverages.

Entered Twighlight Zone.

The kind of gas station that disappeared in the mid 70's.

Incense, Goth coffee mugs and ashtrays, a terrarium with big ass live scorpions, bandannas, Christmas tree air fresheners, Beeman's gum, brass knuckles, hundreds of knives, POW-MIA banners, a full rack of current and retro thermostat gaskets, radiator hoses and the good kind of sealer in case you're driving a 1971 Fiat, Advil, No-doz, ice, strong coffee, every flavor of that fake weed herbal stuff, Bugler, smoking paraphenalia including several 5 foot tall bongs, black powder rifles, Ho-ho's and there, there in the cooler, TWO kinds of Clamato in ice cold 22 oz. cans, next to the MD 20-20.

Wish you were here.

Erin O'Brien said...

Pigs, Palin, bongs, Clamato and Dan Quayle all in one comment section. Perfect, really.

Bill the Wrenchbender said...

Mmmmmmm, beer!

sleepydog said...

I like beer.
Fat beer
Skinny beer
Tall beer
Short beer
Wheat beer
Lager beer
Ale Beer
Near beer
Queer Beer
Cold Beer
Not so cold beer
American Beer
Chinese Beer
I even likes me some Canadian Beer
I like women who like beer
I will drink beer on boats
as they float in a moat
I will drink beer while wearing a hat
Or completely naked (How about that?)
Sadly for me, with all of that said
I can't drink a beer in my hospital bed

(I'll have to drink twice as many tomorrow)

Hi Erin,