Monday, May 18, 2009

It's in the cards

A few years ago, this temptress gave me an online tarot card reading that I thoroughly enjoyed. I even looked up each card and did a little research on my own.

It was fun and there was one primary element of the reading that was uncannily accurate (I'll keep that to myself thankyouverymuch). There may have been other truths in the reading, but this was three years ago and let's face it--I can barely remember what I did ten minutes ago. So if you're into tarot or just curious, Anavid is one card that's a sure bet.

Scarily! Warily! Hairily!

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Anavid Readings said...

Thanks so much, Erin. I loved reading you! Keep checking in - I always have a special each month, and some are even totally free! MANGO! my latest addition also offers amazing discounts, and even free readings! Mango is totally fun because it's always a surprise!

Love you so much!