Sunday, February 01, 2009

Quick post ...

... for a busy Sunday. How would you define "quorgasm" ?


Paul said...

Sufficient number to declare an orgy.

Erin O'Brien said...

The period immediately preceding zorgasm, usually marked by involuntary pulsations or quivers.

B.E. Earl said...

As a 20-point scrabble word. Without any of the bonuses, of course.

Anonymous said...

When an excessive number of people have been quoted by one person in one sitting.

Kirk Jusko said...

"The minimum number of deliberate shouts of "Oh, God!" from a wife or girlfriend sensitive to her mate's ego."

Hal said...

A 1/4 orgasm.

Al The Retired Army Guy Who Is Soon to Receive a Beating From Erin said...

What happens anytime an Obama supporter:

Hears him (the Messia ... uh, I mean Obama) speak.
Sees him on TV.
Reads anything he's written.
Reads an article that refers to him.
Sees an "impeach Bush" bumper sticker.
Sees a "Bush lied" bumper sticker.
Reads or see things referring to Michelle Obama's fashion sense.
Buys an Obama Inauguration Commemorative coin, book, newspaper edition, etc.

And yes, I know Erin's going to beat me around the head and shoulders for that bit. I just couldn't resist ... ;-) It's all in good fun, trust me.

Waiting for the beating from Erin that is sure to ensue for this post

Amy L. Hanna said...

Oh, what the hell ...

(1) Sex in the quarry
(2) The crescendo in the performance of a string quartet
(3) A statistician's wet dream

Libby Spencer said...

(1)When a foursome climaxes simultaneously.

(2)A double bigasm.

(3)archaic the sensation immediately preceding the culmination of being drawn and quartered.

Kirk Jusko said...

"The resolution of a lover's quarrel"

Ken Houghton said...

I'm going with that last. Orgasm from "make-up sex."

Zen Wizard said...

^ I am clearly out of my league here.

But I am grateful when they lie and tell me they had one.

dudesworthy said...


A contraction of "Quantum Orgasm".

Quantum Physics suggests the existence of an infinite number of alternative universes based upon a multiformatted collapsable waveform.

The upshot of this is that there is an infinite number of alternative versions of you in existence.

Logically, if there are infinite alternative versions of you, then a near infinite amount of these alternatives will be experiencing an orgasm right now.

If you were to collapse the waveform then all of these alternative states would be superimposed and as a result you would experience a near infinite number of simultaneous orgasms, simultaneously.

This would probably blow your mind.

The US Army has expressed great interest in using the "Quorgasm" for military purposes.

Al the Retired Army Guy said...

"The US Army has expressed great interest in using the "Quorgasm" for military purposes."

It has? Damn, how did I miss that?