Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Goat archives vol. two: gentlemen's accessories

In the above photo, my husband of 16 years is donning a wide leather watch band that he recently unearthed from a box in the attic that, according to the photo and text on the lid, originally housed a set of Craftsmen screwdrivers.

"I threw everything in here when I changed dressers."

My brain, perhaps in denial, did not immediately recognize the item. With knitted brow, I took it from his hand and blinked at the curious leather strap and tarnished buckle. When I realized what it was moments later, I fell into a gut-wrenching fit of laughter. As I was dabbing at the resulting tears, the Goat explained to me that he often wore the wristband with his tan bell bottoms and a tight print Qiana disco shirt when he went to the bar at the local Holiday Inn with his associates for an evening out.

"So Starsky," I said, "Get laid alot?"


He then produced an Speidel I.D. bracelet engraved with ERIC in a triple-line engravers font. The item was slightly corroded despite Speidel's proud claim of RHODIUM ELECTROPLATE on the interior of the clasp.

"What was the purpose of this?" I said. "Have trouble remembering your name?"

"You were supposed to give it to your sweetie," he said.

"Seeing as you still have it at the ripe age of 52," I said, "I guess you didn't do so well in that department."

"I don't know about that," he said. "After all, who's got it right now?"

* * *


Anonymous said...

That Goat has a way with words. I bet he pulled more ass off the dance floor than Travolta.


Dishonorable Schoolboy said...

Ha. As another 52 year old I say that the man had style if only because I had a band of similar greatness. Actually I think having one now would be pretty cool. Hang on to it.

As for the name bracelet, not so sure about that. I think I gave up on those when the POW on my bracelet checked out of the Hanoi Hilton.

glittergirl said...

those thick leather watch bands are back in style. well, they were a year or two ago.

so if he hangs on to it, he might suddenly be "hip" in another 2 decades!

i always wanted a boy to give me his ID bracelet, or even better, a mizpah necklace! (if the goat has a mizpah necklace laying around somewhere, i'm gonna be so jealous...)

Julia Farley said...


Both of you are,well, delicious.


Back to work for me...

deangc said...

Aww... the Goat is sweet. Keep the Goat.

(S)wine said...

He rocks it, man. I love Goat stories. I want that leather band. And the bell bottoms. And a moustache. Oh, see my FB page about that last one.

Hal said...

Looks like Goat ran had a run-in with the Seattle Police Department.

As for the ID bracelet, you aren't officially a couple until you start wearing his Brush High School letterman jacket.