Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rushed notes

I tuned into Limbaugh while running errands today. Here is the pertinent information:

1. Limbaugh's speech impediment is getting so bad, his garbled moments are more and more frequent. He's getting very difficult to understand.

2. "Shelley" called in and said that she's listened to Rush for years and mostly agrees with him, but that he should tone down the anti-Obama stuff as the country is really in trouble and needs to come together. He asked her if she'd ever suffered a blunt-trauma to the head and said "Why should I support Obama for the sake of the country?"

3. I didn't catch the whole story on this, but apparently, on yesterday's show Rush offered live running commentary during Obama's swearing in and inauguration speech. Unfortunately, this was the feed at least one schoolroom was listening to. The teacher said that Limbaugh ruined a once in a lifetime moment for her students with his disrespectful sound bites. I gleaned all of this from a discussion Rush was having with a caller about a letter the teacher wrote. I couldn't find a link about it. Rush was deriding the teacher's claim that it was a singular moment for the children and rhetorically asked, "They've never woke up on Christmas morning?"


Videodude said...

Yes, Rush on his show yesterday and on his web site attacked President Obama on his flubbing of the oath. He (Rush) didn't mention that it was conservative Supreme Court Justice Roberts, who messed up first. He is not alone, FOX news this morning had two (Republican) speechwriters on. One, who was a former Bush speechwriter, said Obama's speech was "Hackneyed". Who do these people think they are kidding?

Anonymous said...

I do believe these next four years will see the implosion of Rush Limbaugh's career.

Good riddance to the racist prick when it happens.

Anonymous said...

"The Eagle has landed."




Why did the teacher expect anything different when tuning into Rush Limbaugh? She has no reason at all to be angry with him. I am sure there was another radio station (public radio) broadcasting the festivities. Dumbass.

Rory L. Aronsky said...

That fat sack of over-medicated shit. I hope he disappears soon.

Erin O'Brien said...

I'm not sure what the circumstances in the classroom were. That's why I was looking for a link.

Limbaugh kept saying that she should have contacted the principal in order to have him do something about it, so maybe the controls were unavailable to her. Dunno.

Bill the wrenchbender said...

Meh, Rush is prolly gonna have a stroke or 7 in the next 4 years, I really don't know why the right keeps swinging from his scrotum, he and his kind cost them any chance of winning this last election.
I am very pleased that the guy in office has an I.Q. bigger than his shoe size, for a change.
I dunno why that teacher kept the feed going, I would have brought my own damn radio in, I can't imagine having to listen to that fat fuck ruin what should have been an historic occasion for these kids, what a shame!

Dad said...

Erin, Like you, I tuned in to Rush for a bit today. Rush read the letter the teacher wrote complaining to the radio station. She mentioned that the administration of the school, choose the station that airs Limbahhh to listen to the festivities and then, broadcast it over the PA system. The teacher had no control over the station as someone earlier mentioned. What got her panties in a wad is that they had to put up with Rush's commentary as the Prince spoke. Can you blame her?

Now my .02. I am a middle of the road guy politically. I did not vote for O but want more than anything to see this country come together. For that to happen, BOTH sides need to put the past behind us and move forward. Obama and his loyal crew, first and foremost. That BS that was posted on the White House web site yesterday about Katrina is not a good start. Nor is the get even threats to have 43 arrested. How long do we have to rehash past failures to justify change? Let the dumb ass fade off into the sunset. Let him go clear brush and crash every time he gets on a bike. The less we are reminded about what happened, the better off we will be to move forward. LETS MOVE ON and make progress towards fixing America. Childish politics has got to end or we will be right back where we are now. Rant over!

Keep up the good work!

Erin O'Brien said...

Thanks, Dad, for the info as well as your two cents. I am very glad to hear a reasonable voice from someone who did not vote for Obama. I hope we see more of you around here.

I dropped in on a few red-red conservative sites today and the vitriol was unimaginable. Quite frankly--and I am not one to use this sort of language--it seemed anti-American. They actually seem to want Obama to fail, to hell with the country.

I wasn't happy with W from the beginning, but I didn't flame him on day one. After 911, I actually thought he was approaching the Afghanistan/Bin Laden situation from a smart angle. Even when he declared war on Iraq, I believed for a while that the intelligence team must have uncovered horrible WMD, that they knew exactly what and where they were.

But as each layer was peeled back and the war was exposed as a sham again and again, the Bush administration evoked my profound disdain.

I won't even get into the whole financial thing, but believe me, Bush earned every ounce of my disgust.

Dad said...

I love your choice of word..."earned". It takes away from finger pointing and gives your comment credibility....which you so badly need from me. ;-)

All I give a shit about right now is making things right with America. I could care less who gets the credit.

My vote for McCain was for the McCain even a ton of liberals liked early on in the election. I felt like he was the best choice to bring both parties together, because he had proven that he could work with both sides. Conservatives hated that McCain was the frontrunner early on because he was to liberal. McCain let Obama paint him in a corner labeled as a BUSH guy in the last two months of the election and it worked. He kind of was, but not to the extent of the accusations. With that said, the groundswell of hype this country has around O, would not have happened with McCain and that groundswell is what this country needs to get us out of this funk. I just wonder how long the hype sticks around and keeps people motivated to make a difference.

Crossing fingers!!!

Anonymous said...

I don’t listen to Rush and in fact if wasn’t for some liberals screaming about him I wouldn’t know he still existed. I fail to understand why a school administration would use any political commentator for any in school broadcast. Personally I am sick and tired of the finger pointing by both sides.

James Smith aka James Old Guy

Geoff Schutt said...

Is Rush doing the painkillers again? That would explain the garbled speech.

Dad said...

I honestly don't think they knew Rush was going to do the commentary. The kicker is that they didn't change the station once they found out. The blow hard principal is more than likely a Rush fan so that is the station he listens to. We all tend to have a radio station that somehow finds it's way on. For me it's to be the one that carries Rush so if I am in my car when he is on and I don't have my iPod on, I get Rush....for as long as I can stand it. I usually get a good laugh before he annoys me so it's all good.

(S)wine said...

Any of these schools ever hear of C-SPAN radio? Or television? Unbelievable partisan crap.

VideoDude said...

Here is the problem with not taking the past administration to court for their crimes. And yes, they were crimes. If we don't do it, then the UN might. There is also the distinct possibility that some time in the future Bush or Cheney could be traveling around the world, and get arested a tried in another country. We ourselves, tried and convicted our own soldiers, during the Vietnam War, for torture doing the very same thing that Bush/Cheny did. I am sorry, but the president is not above the law.

VideoDude said...

(S)wine. I agree with you. Why wasn't C-Span used. I though most schools had TV hooked up to cable. Also don't schools have computers now? There was an online live feed.

philbilly said...

The difference between Rush's hillbilly heroin habit and an inner city crack cocaine addict is um..uh...gee, uh... Oh yeah! I remember, Attorneys fees!

Oxycontin,does it give you a rush, Rush? Does it kill that gnawing dread in your soul, that hole that won't be filled?

I still have a bunch in my medicine cabinet, was shocked to get it even though I had ripped the crap outa my shoulder. Prescription said up to 4 a day. 4 A DAY!!!!

I took one, BAM! baby sleep 10 hours, woke up able to lift my arm again. At 4 a day, I'da been drooling and talking all kinds of fake conservative bullshit. The AMA is the biggest dope boy in da hood.

Thank God the weed is now handled by murderers, the Justus system reaps profits throughout the supply chain, cops are put at risk and casual users get the counseling, common sense and direction you only find in jail.

Right, Rush? Damn dopers, eh?

Anonymous said...

wow, I read this and wonder who is spouting the worst vitriol, Rush or some of the commentors. Take a breath, relax. You do not have to listen to Rush if he offends you. President Obama has everything under control.

Erin O'Brien said...

Hello anonymous,

Limbaugh really pushes buttons.

"I hope Obama fails" is really a stunning thing to hear from any American.

For what it's worth, I never listen to him, just turned it on yesterday and thought I'd post the "highlights."

John Ettorre said...

He is truly a repugnant, reptilian little shit. Why anyone takes that clown seriously is beyond me. But yes, I do also tune in occasionally, just to stay informed about what idiot things he's spewing into the atmosphere.

His speech problems are no doubt directly related to the fact that in recent years he's gone almost completely deaf, and has been outfitted with some sophisticated hearing aids. But as with hearing problems of any sort, it eventually shows up in one's speech patterns.

philbilly said...

"I hope Obama fails" is a treasonous statement, made only by an asshat who hates themself even more than that goddamned Constitution. You know, it wasn't 'sposed to let the darkies and the broads in.

virgil xenophon said...

"I dropped by on a few of the red-red conservative sites today and the vitriol was unimaginable."

Obviously you've never visited DU or Daily Kos these past eight years.......

hoosierboy said...

I only listen to Rush on occasion (he is way too liberal for my tastes...haha). Compared to some of the actions and words of famous Democrats like Dick Durbin, John Murtha and John Kerry (who actually did treasonous acts after his time in Vietnam) or Jane Fonda, Rush saying he hopes President Obama actually fails in implementing some of his policies comes nowhere near treason. Now that The One has been elected are we not to have differing opinions anymore? Are naysayers now to placed in gulags as threats to the state? Philbilly, you scare me.

Erin O'Brien said...

I'm up to my ass in paint cans, but just real quick:

Virgil: I am unfamiliar with those sites. Honestly, I don't visit them at all.

Hoose: Rest assured, if Rush wanted to burn the flag on National television, I'd hand him the match. I just think he's anti-American. It's my right to have that opinion just as it's anyone's right to speak out against the government: yours, mine and Rush's.

hoosierboy said...

On that we agree.

Bill the wrenchbender said...

Fuck Rush Limbaugh, what a colossal douchebag. He's as UnAmerican as they come, worthless piece of shit.

philbilly said...


From your blog;

"Sniff, uhnnh, sniff, boo hoo, I missed the uuhhnnhh big sniff inauguration yesterday, cry sniff wail. I was working so I can pay my soon to come higher taxes. I heard one snippet of the big speech as I turned on the car, where The Obama was telling me I need to recognize I can't keep living and consuming like I have been. I am a little concerned he thinks I need to reduce my standard of living because it is better than the rest of the world. Fuck you, Pal. I do not care if the rest of the world lives in grass huts and drinks muddy water. Why should I give up so other might have more? Let them work for it. I am glad some little brown man is working his ass off in Vietnam so I can have light comfortable cheap running shoes. You were thinking it, I will say it. Luckily for my blood pressure, I turned over to sports talk."

You should be afraid of me. I am far more conservative than you. I am seething with rage. I know the best way to keep American soldiers from being spent like pawns is to use the power of American-style capitalism to enable all the world to be self-sufficient and productive. We are still a beacon of light in most of the world, I have this on first hand account, by the way.

"I do not care if the rest of the world lives in grass huts and drinks muddy water. Why should I give up so other might have more?"

Because American fighting men and women have spilled their blood in every corner of the world for just such an ideal. Not denying the fraud and hegemonic disasters we have blundered into on a few occasions, but the grunt, the GI, took it head on for the ideology of Freedom.

I know what it's like in Indiana, and I love it. I grew up in a cornfield not far away. Do this sometime, pull your truck over on a market road, and look over the wealth and abundance you see. These aren't hard times, by a long shot. Now imagine a world of abundance and peace, one big fucking Indiana. It can happen, but not with the partisan bullshit we experience now. I think the Obama is a slick, shrewd operator. Read how he won his first election way bak when. Legal eagle, easy peasy, and the entrenched welfare skimming race-card cabal in Chi-town sat down stunned and said,"Lord Almighty, this one is smart." Revrun Jus'me Jackson cried at the election victory party in Chi-town last November cuz he knew his act was now played out.

See, Hboy, I think there is something sacred about the new president standing with the old, it is antithetical to the nature of Man. I hated Clinton, still do, that idiot pissed away his chance to build America for some cheap pussy. I never wanted him to fail.

Rush, like most of the US medjya, has never worked a day in his life, never accomplished a fucking thing except addiction. Another strain of E. coli in the belly of Freedom.

philbilly said...

Hboy, I'm with you on Reich and Rangel advising us on how to actually do things.

Some of my best friends are white skilled construction workers. They work with black and latino guys that haul their weight too.

Affirmative action is a scam to redistribute social program tax money into the hands of capos and carpetbaggers.

If Rangel really wanted to help, he could pawn that ring.

hoosierboy said...

Well Philbilly we probably agree way more than you think, but I for one think that every dickhead in this country has the right to say whatever he wants. If you can convince me speaking in opposition is treason, then go for it. I maintain what Rush said was far less partisan, far less hate-filled, far from being on the edge of treason than much of what is posted at the Kos or DU. Do not get me wrong, I am not a fan of the program, but it falls far short of treason.

Anonymous said...

If the whole world becomes one big Indiana I'll never amount to anything. I can't hit free throws for shit.


philbilly said...

But RJ, think of the racing!

Hoosierboy, I've slammed away some anger on a rusty piece of shit, the kind of rolling abomination you only find in the Rust Belt I love so much, and I'll concede I was giving Rush too much credit, he's too feeble and corpulent to be an anarchist.

My hope, my estimation, is that the Obama will play it smooth and cool right up the middle, pissing everyone off a little, which is the real world definition of fair market.

Hal said...

Limbaugh's a doucheweazel.