Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hit parade

Kelly Clarkson's new "hit" single is entitled "My Life Would Suck Without You."



Anonymous said...

Howzabout "This song would still suck even if I didn't listen to it"?

Erin, you need a heavy dose of Gary Louris, stat.

(Dammit... I tried to stick an Amazon link in here)

Seriously, though, check out an album called "Vagabonds" by Gary. Good stuff.


deangc said...

Hmm.. the old question. If a 'hit' single is released and nobody listens to it, does it still suck?

And O'Brien: my online life would suck without you.

Mojito Libre said...

As for Danb's reference to Gary Louris, check out anything he did with The Jayhawks, too. That's the kind of music my son will grow up with...not this Mickey Mouse Club bullshit.

christ on a cracker.

Kirk Jusko said...

Kelly who?

glittergirl said...

mojito- good luck with that. your son is going to want to rebel. maybe you should start him on kelly clarkson and that hannah montana girl, then he can "rebel" and like good music!

erin- is your daughter into those jonas brothers at all? my god, i'd have to put my kid up for adoption if i was subjected to see or hear them on a daily basis.

Erin O'Brien said...

Peeps, there's some thing you just have to do in the parenthood game and letting them listen to their own music is one of them. Although, truth be told, she's not so hyped about the new Clarkson. I just thought the title reached a new low.

I'm just waiting for the day she goes loop-o for a dreamy-eyed kid who puts on some Al Green (or a more modern equivalent) and asks her to dance.

Please please please let my kid fall for a boy with some musical taste!

Will check out the Louris!

Rory L. Aronsky said...

Breathe deep and relax, Erin. I'm sure it's just excess left over from the Bush era. The music from the Obama era hasn't quite begun yet and I'm sure it'll feature smarter titles.

Anonymous said...

Allow to to quote from Bing Crosby:

"I think popular music in this country is one of the few things in the twentieth century that have made giant strides in reverse."

Of course, my great-grandfather (who had a lovely Irish tenor) didn't approve of Bing and pejoratively referred to him as "that crooner".

Al The Retired Army Guy said...

Wow. This song indeed does suck.

For once, Ms. O'B and I agree. Truly awful.

Bass Player for over 31 years

Rory L. Aronsky said...

Bass Player for over 31 years

Now that I'd gladly listen to at length. The bass and trumpet both do it for me.

Mojito Libre said...


My boy is already on the path to listening to great music. When the E-surance commercial comes on and Cloud Cult starts playing, he bounces around the room like a little maniac.

Erin O'Brien said...

I'm not trying to scare you people or anything, but you need to read this.

Kirk Jusko said...

Whenever I listen to Top-40 these days (which is not too often), it sounds a lot like the Top-40 of my youth, the only difference being--heh, heh--I don't recognize any of the songs.

Back then there were also stations like WMMS and M105--I write from Cleveland--that played AOL, or album oriented rock, which didn't rely on hit singles. I actually didn't get into AOL until I was in my 20s, by which time it was called Classic Rock (I was a late bloomer), but it was nice to know there was an alternative.

I've lately taken a liking to people like Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby, both of whom I ABSOLUTELY HATED growing up. What changed my mind? Well, at the risk of sounding a little morbid, those artists' original fan base are either dead or dying, and I know longer harbor the paranoid fear that their music is a form of generational mind control.

I'm willing to bet that's a factor in a lot of young people's musical choices.