Monday, November 03, 2008

Palin Reagan Erin Park?

I grew up in Lakewood, Ohio at 14000 Lake Avenue, right next to the expansive Lakewood Park. You can see the house nestled in the trees at the corner of Parkside and Lake in this pic. The structure in the upper left with the rows of benches is the Lakewood Park Bandstand.

This is the window of the house that faces the park. That was my brother's bedroom.

In 1976, Ronald Reagan ran for the Republican presidential nomination. He delivered a speech from the bandstand. My dad walked over, sat in the front row and was promptly detained by security because they thought he looked suspicious.

"But I live right over there!" said Dad.

"Sure you do, buddy."

The held him until Reagan had indeed left the building. Reagan eventually lost, conceding to Gerry Ford, who eventually lost to the Democratic nominee Jimmy Carter.

The bandstand is also the locale for Palin's campaign speech this morning. Strange to think I lost my virginity just a healthy football-pass away from where Palin may be losing the election.

Was it good for you, baby?

* * *

Front view of 14000 Lake Avenue

And another pic, circa 1978 with me and brother John.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! that a Jag? Hunter S. Thompson had one much like it, only it was black.

Erin O'Brien said...

Yes, the factory color of this XKE coupe was "Primrose Yellow." I can't remember which year this was.

Here's more on Dad's cars.

Zen Wizard said...

Yes the Jag is pretty sweet.

Why isn't there a "Kucinich Park"?

(Rhetorical question...)

Heff said...

Oh, DAMN that was painful !

Velvet Fog said...

So did you go and listen to SP?????

Erin O'Brien said...

I did not go to see Palin, although I would have liked to. But the line to get in went right in front of my old house.

How strange ...

deangc said...

You mean Palin screwed McCain's chances only a few yards from where you first got screwed?

There's some form of synchronicity there, but I can't find it.