Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Okay, the bailout

I am nonplussed by this issue. Are we headed for a crash no matter what? And what about all this crazy pork they've added to the legislation?

And good christ awmighty, what will this do to inflation? Will I be pushing a cart of money into the store to buy a loaf of bread?

How many rhetorical questions can I put in one post?

I listen and read and read and listen. I don't know who to believe. Paulson is taking care of rich guys just like himself. Bush is 100 percent MIA. I just watched footage of him talking about the bailout and he was completely vacant.

Fearmongering. Power. Money. And a heaping help of presidential politics on the side.

I wish we had someone we could believe in right now, someone we could trust. If this government is an accurate representation of its people, I suppose we're only getting what we deserve.


Zen Wizard said...

I kind of knew the pork was coming.

The Democratic resolution against the War in Iraq had:

1) Earmarks for flood control in Sacramento and
2) Money for peanut research in Georgia.

It is a common technique to say, "Well, I am going to be in a lot of trouble back home if I vote for this bill. You have to give me something that I can go back home with..."

So they put pork in there that has NOTHING to do with the issue at hand.

That is one of the reasons that the US deficit is $1.7-kerscrillion.

Pork comes up most commonly in the bills that are really close.

Like this one...

MilesB said...

Pork. The other white meat.

garrett said...

Erin - one very useful statistic (according to smart people whose opinions on these topics I choose to believe) is M1.

You can monitor it here:

By the way, I very much ABSOLUTELY recommend you go over there and take a look at the crazy spike in the past week or two. Bernanke's "helicopter" has taken off in earnest.

Sorry I don't know how to turn that thing into an HTML link in these comments.

Because of I'm that inept, I'll also for your convenience post an image of the chart on my blog (and I have also been blogging this clusterf#*k to the poorhouse (thanks Daily Show) so you can enjoy some of my thoughts on all this if you like).

garrett said...

By the way, I know I say this all the time, but it's just because it's true all the time: Ron Paul can be believed in. He has been warning Congress and Americans about precisely this crisis (that our other government officials created/enabled) for years/decades.

You can help!

Go check him out (if you haven't already).

Anonymous said...

I think the issue w/Paul is that he knows he's not a viable candidate, and so he can tell the truth. The boys running right now, and those with any kind of a chance (in the future) will stick to talking points. That's the difference. If Paul really had a chance, he'd be right there spewing conservative talking points. Trust me on that.

garrett said...

Swine, you may be right, but I doubt it. Ron Paul has been saying all the same things that he is saying now since the 1970's.

I don't think it matters to him whether he's a viable candidate or not. Principle is his motivation, not political ambition. For example, with his fundraising abilities and cadres of devoted supporters, the Republicans would love to have him shilling for them, but he won't do it. He could easily have been awarded a speaking spot at the Republican National Convention this year but because he refuses to support McCain (or Obama), the 'Publicans didn't invite him.

Nevertheless, I can understand the cynicism. It's hard not be cynical with all these lying, self-aggrandizing politicans roaming around lining their pockets.


ben said...

First of all, don't believe anyone in congress, and especially don't believe anyone in the Bush admin.

How about what 200 economists have to say about "the plan?"

It's a start (toward understanding).

Rory L. Aronsky said...

Pork. It's what Congress happily bends over for. Even the men.