Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Children should (still) be seen and not heard

Sarah Palin is keeping reporters at arms' length in her campaign, but she had a very different approach as Alaska's new governor: She couldn't get enough of them ... In 20 months as governor before McCain tapped her, Palin scheduled more than 300 interviews and press conferences, according to an Associated Press review of her official daily calendar.--from comcast.net 10.13.08*

So it seems that Palin is more than amenable to interviews and press coverage. A-course, that all came to a screeching halt when Daddy 'Cain stepped in. Daddy 'Cain knows when to keep a girlie in her place.

Funny to think this image is as relevant today as when I posted it 38 days ago. Funnier still to think it will be every bit as applicable on Nov.4.

*Thanks for the link, baby.


hoosierboy said...

you are welcome

Zen Wizard said...

The script to Naylin' Paylin--the adult film spoof--is now available.

It's pretty good...I mean, ya know, except for the whole "paying people who don't know each other to swap body fluids," and stuff.

deangc said...

I don't think it's McCain who is calling the shots.

He's got a look in his eyes, the hollow look of a man who has compromised his principles. I don't think he likes the tack that the GOP has decided to take. I don't think that veiled references to Obama as a black guy and a crypto-terrorist sit well with him.

I think John McCain is going to regret these last months until the end of his days. Maybe not with a public regret, but probably with a grinding personal one. I say this because I think that at the base of his spine, John McCain is an honourable man, and he has allowed himself to be pushed into a dishonourable position.

Velvet Fog said...