Friday, September 19, 2008

Two items

1. Surprise, surprise. Donald Trump is supporting McPalin.

I like The Donald. I often fantasize that if I were to be a contestant on The Apprentice, Trump would immediately recognize my splendored genius, pluck me from the ranks and hustle me off to a private office wherein I would draft documents for him for $10 a word.

I also respect The Donald's most recent political endorsement. Trump knows that old fat rich white guys look out for other old fat rich white guys. So unless you are an old fat rich white guy, I suggest you vote Obama 2008.

Am I making any cents?

2. I have been obliged to add Mr. Smith to my blogroll. My oh my the Internet doth maketh strangeth bedfellows.


Anonymous said...

I actually had turned Larry King on the other night when he was having a large panel of people discussing the Wall Street Meltdown and the D made his endorsement. in support of the statement, Trump said this is the wrong time to raise taxes and Obama would soak the economic elite, the ones who create jobs (without mentioning the 30,000 Wall Street workers that had just lost theirs.) Ben Stein was also on. While agreeing he was in the GOP camp he flatly stated McCain was clueless about the economy and bemoaned the fact Warren Buffet was advising Obama on economic matters. So there's one rich white guy (Warrens not too fat) in the Democrat column who most agree knows a little about economics. Or perhaps the conservatives just think Berkshire Hathaway was dumb luck.


Erin O'Brien said...

I was STUNNED by Ben Stein on Larry King. I didn't blog about it, but if there was ever a ringing endorsement for Obama, Stein's synopsis of the economic side of this race was it. After all, he is is the republicaniest Republican of them all and a financial genius to boot.

He agreed with the Lib on that show on virtually every point. Fucking hell!

And did I hear him right? Did he actually say that he's voting McPalin solely on the pro-life issue?

Why is it only men bitch about abortion? You guys should see the shit I get privately--all this holy-roller crap from MEN. So easy to be high and mighty when you never have to worry about actually getting pregnant.

Now I'm all pissed off again. Fuck.

Fuck me if these fuckers aren't driving me crazy! I don't think I'll make it to November ....

I'm just going to go write my book now.

Anonymous said...

You heard what I heard. R. Reich said "Ben, I've got a candidate that addresses all your problems" (or there a bouts) and Stein replied "I don't think he addresses all my problems, the right to life for instance."

It should be no surprise to you men typically lead the charge on abortion. Power and control.

This has been an issue for me for years. I'm not a "johnny-come- lately" to the liberal cause, was a charter member of the Tuscaloosa NOW chapter as an undergrad back in the 70's. But I exercised extreme discretion doing so. I have had more than one encounter with radical feminists who said I had no place at their meetings and I quickly excused myself. Others welcomed my support but were reluctant to agree a man could be a feminist.


Anonymous said...

His hair is looking quite slick and suave in the picture you posted.

Amy Sparks said...

I'm not going to make it till November either, Erin.

Did you really have to put Mr. Smith on your blogroll?

Maybe I'll see you Sunday night.

Helen Mansfield said...

Donald is morphing into an elderly Scottish woman. Note the hair.

Erin O'Brien said...

The hair is actually why I chose this image.

I think Mr. Smith acts like a mean old bigot on his site, but that he admitted to reading my site by putting it on his blogroll says something. No, I didn't have to put him on mine, but if I didn't I might have felt like a hypocrite. Plus, I sort of like going over there and being a blue dot in red sea, although I'm sure he and his readers regard me more like a turd in a punchbowl.

Erin O'Brien said...

And any of my readers who go over and see my comments on Mr. Smith's site will easily determine that I am there more as a polite heckler than a supportive reader.

Zen Wizard said...

As a fat old white guy, I will follow to THE LETTER Trump's recommendation for President.

(Not of the USA; of the Hair Club for Men®. It's getting so bad, ANY change from the policies of the Sy Sperling Administration would be welcome.)