Friday, September 19, 2008

The republicaniest republican of all time rails against McCain

Blood-red Republican Ben Stein agrees with Obama economic adviser Robert Reich on the McCain/Bush economy, "It terrifies me."

From "Larry King Live" September 17, 2008.


Anonymous said...

To add to what I posted below,

I think if voters vote on the basis of the old "Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago" question it's a slam dunk Democratic election.

If the GOP wins, it'll be the values issues. and, like Dick Army said, "The Bubba vote." Or what some commentators are calling "Racial Leakage." At the moment of truth, will whites pull the lever for a black man.

There are also reports of "Jewish Leakage." (Sounds like alot of folks need Depends)

I suspect Jews, like Stein, are mostly "Right to Life" going back to holocaust issues. And, some are apparently affected by claims Obama is muslim. Jews have traditionally been strong Dems. If we lose them I think we lose the election.


Anonymous said...

Stein is not an ideologue like idiots like Coulter and Hannity are. He won't give the GOP automatic approval because he knows reality has little to do with political ideology. In fact, he's endorsed rival Al Franken for senator because "he's a friend and a smart guy who can do some good."

As Palinmania wears off, one wonders if going the red vs. blue route is political suicide in the long run. Just as he did before, Obama is being rather quiet right now. He kept quiet while the Democratic field whittled itself down to Edwards and Clinton. He kept quiet until late in the primary season, then threw some hard punched to Hillary. And I suspect he's now just letting McCain (or rather Palin) hand him ammo to use in October.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going down to Alabama to put an Obama sign on a bigoted grandparent's grave.

(S)wine said...

Hell with it, I'm voting Palin:

Trée said...

Is McCain still running? You know, the more I see Palin, the more I hear "drill baby drill' the more I really want to drill the hot gov. You know, when she talks, I don't really care what she is saying, but, wow, how she says it. And those doe eyed winks, I mean, who else can do that? I challenge anyone to name one other person that can wink like Palin. One.

My nihilistic leaning, pushed by the baseness of this campaign, says it won't fucking matter who is in office and therefore, it it doesn't matter, then I want eye candy. Hell, I'd be happy to see a Cindy/Sarah ticket. Or is that Sarah/Cindy. What the hell, you notice those women don't wear pantsuits? I mean, are those skirts hot or what?

Anonymous said...

In the interest of full disclosure,

When I saw Carly Fiorina in leather the other night I had unpure thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Stole this from "Living with Legends: Hotel Chelsea Blog" (a cool blog for the bohemians among us, Republicans wouldn't understand)

September 19, 2008
The Second Time is Farce
Historian Sherill Tippins, whose history of the Chelsea, "The Dream Palace" is due out soon, wrote in to remind us that history repeats itself:

Thomas Wolfe wrote this at the Chelsea Hotel. It's remarkably appropriate this week:

"On October 24 [1929], in New York, in a marble-fronted building down in Wall Street, there was a sudden crash that was heard throughout the land. The dead and outworn husk of America had been cracked and split right down the back, and the living, changing, suffering thing within--the real America...began now slowly to emerge. It came forth into the light of day, stunned, cramped, crippled by the bonds of its imprisonment, and for a long time it remained in a state of suspended animation, full of latent vitality, waiting, waiting patiently, for the next stage of its metamorphosis.
"The leaders of the nation had fixed their gaze so long upon the illusions of a false prosperity that they had forgotten what America looked like. Now they saw it--saw its newness, its raw crudeness, and its strength--and turned their shuddering eyes away. 'Give us back our well-worn husk,' they said, 'where we were so snug and comfortable.' And then they tried word-magic. 'Conditions are fundamentally sound,' they said--by which they meant to reassure themselves that nothing now was really changed...
"But they were wrong. They did not know that you can't go home again. America had come to the end of something, and to the beginning of something else"
--Thomas Wolfe
"You Can't Go Home Again"


Hal Hussein Perry said...

On Monday, I happened to posit that Sarah Palin is like a tech or internet stock of the 90's, and you know what happened to them. Today's Gallup tracking poll suggests that while the Palin bubble may not have burst, it is starting to leak.

I am cautiously optimistic at this point. So much can happen between now and Nov. 4th, so I probably won't be resting easy until Nov. 5th.

Erin O'Brien said...

There are probably many important, intelligent and funny things to be said, but I'm just so damn tired.

A good tall drink and a nap, that's what I need. Think I can sleep until Nov. 5?

Helen Mansfield said...

Evil Winter: Putting an Obama sign on your bigoted grandparents grave?!?!? I freaking love you man!

Rory L. Aronsky said...

A good tall drink and a nap, that's what I need. Think I can sleep until Nov. 5?

Depends on how much you drink, as well as the octane level.