Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spot-on commentary about Palin and her Dad during CBS/Couric interview


Anonymous said...

She's a disaster. The bar has been set so low, that she can't possibly fuck it up more. This is what most Americans now do; set expectations so low, they cannot fail. I am sure Thursday night's debate will be deemed a success for Palin. She is an abberation to begin with, and so of course anything will be good for her. Have you read the Couric transcript? It's absolute, incomprehensible gibberish. I wish Republicans would have the balls to come out and say it: they are horrified at what this woman is doing to their ticket. Just say it and call for her resignation.

Chato said...


I have to disagree. I'm gonna stick with George Carlin, "I say we leave it in there, get the job done right!"

Meaning: keep her in there until the election. That ought to take them off the rails and assure Obama's election so that this country can get back on it's feet.

McCain: Stick to your guns! Don't pull out in the middle of a screw! Get the job done. Semper Fi! Stay the Course! Go Sarah!


philbilly said...

Palin cannot conceal her disdain and arrogance concerning "some voter, hollerin out a question".

Fuck you, you self absorbed hack.

Cindy,on the other hand, man oh man what I wouldn't give, leave yer pearls on.

philbilly said...


"be vewwy,vewwy quiet, we're gonna bomb a country!"


Anonymous said...

Palin;"commissioner of oil and gas".

translation: I cash the checks.

God bless this country where I can vent my spleen, rail against the gummint, turn off my computer and then go back to my shop tonight and be free to work, make things, do some good, make some money and defend myself if need be.

And none of this wealth and good fortune, not a goddam thing, owes any thanks to these phony motherfuckers, parasites.

Whatever laudable behavior McCain has from his service in Vietnam is pissed away by his ego and capitulation to partisan ideology.

Anonymous said...

Cindy is a Stepford Wife Automaton. I think they're pumping formaldehyde or some shit through her veins. She's like El Cid: dead and stuffed to look alive in order to scare the enemies. I have a creepy feeling that she's actually Fire Marshall Bill (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g_arzPICEA)

Let's get these fucking freaks out of politics once and for all.

Chato, you're right; let her stay on the ticket.

Hal Hussein Perry said...

Here's a possible gig for those of you owner's manual readers living in the San Fernando Valley (particularly Van Nuys and Chatsorth)...

You probably have to provide your own beehive haircut, though...