Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Howdy, boys

My essay "The Conception of Slavery" garnered several letters to the editor, four of which were published in today's Scene.* Interestingly enough, they were all penned by men.

Thanks to everyone who writes my editor, past and present. I appreciate all readers, all points of view and all comments all the time, whether they are in print or online.

*Regarding that link, read carefully as the online formatting is a bit glitchy today.


Nin Andrews said...

Great as always. I wonder if you've followed the Ledbetter case at all? It's really creepy. About equal pay for women. McCain, and his Rs, filibustered the case when congress took it on.
McCain's comment--it wd inspire a bunch of frivilous lawsuits. Yeah. McCain is a sexist pig. And Palin, well, you've said it all on her.

Zen Wizard said...

I have got to admit, I was willing to trade Supreme Court justices for national security--but that was when I was almost positive that Romney would get the VP nod.

Now, this side of the ticket will give the voter NEITHER.

There was a Dateline report on that foiled UK terrorist plot (that resulted in the "no liquids"-rule.)

I shudder to think if "President Palin" had been in charge during that.

They came VERY close to blowing up 14 Anglo-American flights simultaneously. That would have caused a little dip in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, huh??


It will be really d@mned hard for the Bible-beaters to make abortion illegal in EVERY state--for instance, California has the word, "privacy" in the FIRST SENTENCE of its state constitution.

So what that means in essence is that rich women who can afford a plane ticket to Beverly Hills will always have the right to terminate their pregnancy.

Talk about Reverse Darwinism...

Jesus Toast said...

I'm so gunna write to your editor about all of that gin..wait...I'm the one with the I"m, so fdrunk