Saturday, September 06, 2008

Filthy dirty Sarah

Nathan Thornburgh, writing for Time, exposes how Palin used every old-boy trick in the book to climb the political ladder.


Zen Wizard said...

This is a "print it out and take it home"-article, but it looks pretty good.

emmapeelDallas said...

Keep posting, Erin! I've gotten a couple of really nasty comments (anonymous, of course) for criticizing her. I am fascinated that although she's "ready to be VP" she's apparently NOT ready to face the talking heads or anyone else. I'm sure her backers are terrified of what she'll say if she opens her mouth without having a script to read from.


Dan said...

I've gotten death threats for criticizing Palin. Lots of folks on the right are seemingly really touchy about the criticism of this woman's abilities and what-have-you, and I'm thinking it's not so much that people are critical of her that pisses them off. They probably just don't like having their own trepidations concerning Palin pointed out to them in any way. They want to live in a safe world that doesn't threaten their state of denial.

To these neo-consevative fuckwits, it's as if their party can do no wrong, and when they do, it's always someone on the Left's fault. They're quick to evoke Clinton's name in justifying the failures within their own party, and it's infuriating.

Nonetheless, keep up the good work, Erin.

Trée said...

On the level of Presidential politics, Palin is a joke. They know it, we know it and I suspect, deep in her psyche, Palin knows it too. Nothing stings like the truth. Especially when there is nothing there to defend and what has been said has been either distortion or lies or just plain ignorance (earmarks, bridges, ebay, alaska next to russia, taxes, spending, ect.)

You must earn the right to be one heartbeat from the presidency. Put her in front of the press and let her start earning that right by earning our trust based on her knowledge and grasp of the issues that matter. I'm waiting, but I'll be damned if I'm going to hold my breath. I'm frailing sick and tired of political machines assuming the general population is just plain stupid.

Dan said...

I don't know if they assume the general population is stupid, Trée.... I think they all discovered that it's just so much easier to pander to the dumbest people in this nation, and their rhetoric is aimed not to challenge people intellectually, but to excite them emotionally with vapid little phrases to tip people's feelings.

Anonymous said...


You win the Palin analysis.