Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Be a good girl

McCain has shoved his sock in Palin's mouth again.


Anonymous said...

You can't cram for this exam.

Kissinger is a disgusting aberration of a man--ask Christopher Hitchens.
So was Mother Teresa--ask Christopher Hitchens again.

Erin, have you seen "War Room?" If not, watch it. Nothing has changed in 16 bloody years.

Rory L. Aronsky said...

Kissinger?! Karzai?! When will the delusional governor from Alaska ever learn that foreign policy is not learned from sitting down with a leader of a country for 20 minutes?

Oh, I nearly forgot. Never.

Nin Andrews said...

I am so pissed off. I am so PISSED OFF! I can NOT believe we have to put up with this. ARRRRRRRGGGG!

Helen Mansfield said...

I am glad to see the media finally standing up to the McCain camp on its unwillingness to let Palin speak unscripted. When only photographers were invited to these sham policy meetings, the media said "no." Unless reporters were allowed to come, the cameras weren't coming, so the McCain camp allowed it. But, I saw no actual reporting of the event, other than to say it happened.

Then, a McCain spokesman had the stones to say that the meetings were "not photo ops, but an opportunity for Palin discuss serious foreing policy issues."

Bullshit on that.

Anonymous said...

sorry but i had to share this...the idea that you can't believe all you see/hear/read has been taken to a new level...or maybe it's not new.

a salon.com article reports on the practice of volunteers ghost-writing fake letters to the editor in support of McCain/Palin which will then be 'placed' in local papers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Hampshire...

Helen Mansfield said...

Moment, that's an old campaign practice. Both parties do it, and in many kinds of races.

I don't think there's anything wrong with it, as long as the person "signing" the letter actually understands the letter and agrees with it.

We ain't all articulate, is we?

Anonymous said...

thanks Helen, sadly the person who wrote this particular article talks about how she just made everything up...seeing how far she could take it. oh well. i'm trying hard not to be surprised by anything anymore because having higher (and i guess unrealistic) expectations of people is taking a toll.

Zen Wizard said...

"The next stop on Governor Palin’s whirlwind diplomatic tour was a meeting with President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia...."

What the f*** did they talk about?

"Columbia, huh? My husband likes snow...not the kind your country exports, but the kind you ride a snow mobile on. Columbia? Damn, I wish I had an atlas....you make coffee there, too, right? Was Juan Valdez from there? I mean, if he was a real guy, would he be from there? That must be a shitty job, picking the beans and then sniffing them and only keeping the best ones...blah blah blah...well this has been really great I wish we had more time...blah blah blah...butt kiss pleasantries...I really look forward to working with you blah blah..."

Anonymous said...

"The lengths the McCain campaign is going to in order to shield Sarah Palin from questioning are reaching truly comic dimensions."

Chato said...

Even Campbell Brown of CNN has joined the act:


Free Sarah Palin!