Thursday, August 07, 2008

Oh all right, lemme talk politics for a minute

On September 12, 2001, the United States was in possession of a rare gift amid all that tragedy--the sympathy and goodwill of the world. But instead of embracing it as a uniting factor, the Bush Administration acted like a malicious behemoth smashing a butterfly. They squandered this gentle precious thing by way of Iraq, evoking more hatred for America than ever before. This is the one thing I detest about the Bush Administration more than any other. America and its position in the world could have been so much different today, so much better.

I understand that Obama's recent travels were one way to address doubts about his ability to lead and handle foreign affairs. The reception he enjoyed surely proves that who we elect as president is very important to persons around the globe. That said, I must admit there was a certain hubris about Obama's international tour; and that it was picture perfect to a fault.

But there is one thing you cannot deny. Although McCain's camp would have us believe differently, Obama's international popularity is not rooted in superficial celebrity. It's rooted in hope--hope that the eight long years of the old-school, ham-handed, swing-the-lead, rich-white-guy, good ol' boy's club are over; that America will choose a uniting leader instead of a dividing tyrant.

You bet they want to like Obama.

The world has had enough of the circle-the-wagons Bush Administration. In this ever-shrinking global community, can we afford not to listen to them?

And one unrelated note to all the politicians: Want to see how to reduce our consumption of foreign oil? Take a look at John Q. Public, you dumbasses. He shaved eight billion miles of his monthly commute. You mother effers hear me? EIGHT BILLION miles. You just use less of the shit.

Okay, I have expended my quota of hyphens and modifiers for the entire month in this one post.


Anonymous said...

For all those stupid Americans who make noise/static about him going overseas, Wake up! More than ever, in a global economy, it matters how we handle our foreign affairs and how we co-exist with the rest of the world. The days of pompous, self-righteous, vanitous patronizing are long gone. Wake up. This comment endorses no one (although Erin probably can guess my personal preference); this comment urges Americans to start thinking globally. Domestic AND foreign affairs are part of the order of business. Anyone even thinking about a policy of isolationism has gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

Any regular responder to EO'Bs blog knows my feelings about the current admin.

The irony is W has one last but golden opportunity to save face. He needs to protest in no uncertain terms the conduct of the Chinese government and IOC in censuring the press and restricting internet access in China for the Olympics, as well as their egregious record of humans rights abuses.

I know, I know. Take my medicine, the delusions are breaking through.


ben said...

I've decided to throw my (considerable) weight behind Paris Hilton, as she is making more sense than the other two, combined, at the moment.

Okay, moment's gone, but it was fun while it lasted.

Amy L. Hanna said...

+1 @ what ben posted about Her Hotel Heiress, as I also thought it a brilliant, well-deserved riposte to surreptious name-dropping.

josh williams said...

Erin I have credits on hyphens and modifiers to last you years. I even have credits for colons, semi colons and rational thought. I offer them to you gratis.
Now how is that, pretty nice guy I must be.

Anonymous said...

Huh, I knew that Bush had trashed our world image and that many foreign countries love Obama, but I had no idea that the "young" politician could restore other countries' faith in us. Thanks Erin.

-Resurrected Chemist

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the anonymous posts. I have yet to create my profile on blogger.

-Resurrected Chemist

Carol said...

Bravo, Erin. Well spoken.

In regards to the eight billion miles shaved off the commute? Those of us who can't do that are doing other things (FYI, I drive a 50cc scooter that gets about 80mpg and buy 3 gallons of gas a week).

Girl, I think you should run as Obama's VP candidate!!

Hal said...

I agree with you Erin, and I will add this. Obama's appeal, and what I think is his most important attribute, is his potential to begin healing the bitter divisions in our country (which I think go all way back to the Vietnam era. George W. Bush is yet another chapter). He isn't long on experience as his many missteps show. I think were Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic nominee, she would be enjoying a 10-15 point lead in the polls over McCain that would likely increase as Election Day nears. The problem is that she is as divisive a figure as Bush, and her husband before, and that while she is without question the most electable, she is ultimately not the best person for the job.

Jarvis Rockhall said...

Sorry Erin but as one of those foreigners I think I have to disagree with you slightly...

Now that the dust has settled a little people over here are a bit more cautious about Obama. There have been quite a few reports about how Obama wants to extend the death penalty to cover more crimes. This is the ultimate vote-loser in European politics. It may not sound important to you but it is viewed as a key part of being a modern democracy in Europe. Seriously, even the Russians have effectively stopped it. I would also point out that the US is the only country in the west that allows its government to kill its own citizens.

I can't help but wonder if Obama won't just bring the world the same old American politics but in a shiny new package.

Zen Wizard said...

I beg to differ on this one--I think the European trip showed that Obama is style over substance.

He bathed in the idolatry of 200,000 (mostly Left Wing anti-American) Germans--but he could not visit wounded military personel in the German hospital.

His campaign said that they, "would not let him."

C'mon! Justin Timberlake could have made that visit happen!! He is saying, therefore, that he does not have any clout and he can't get essential things done.

This is not verified, but I read a letter from a US soldier in Iraq that a lot of them were lined up to meet him, and he skipped them and met with the Iraqi president and then left.

The President is Commander in Chief of a 405-billion dollar military force.

Part of his job is troop morale. That would be the "boring," un-Rock star part...

Another part of the president's job is ensuring the domestic tranquility in a world where a lot of people hate Americans.

I don't think he is up to it.

Here is how great Obama and his University of Chicago Brain Trust are at security: Until 2-and-a-half weeks ago, EDWARDS was on the short list of VP choices.

Um...anyone ever heard of BACKGROUND CHECKS? Like the ones I do before I hire people at $8-an-hour???

Cappy said...

Nobody gives a crap about foreign opinion of the USA. No back to work and keep paying to shove doughnuts in Jimmy DiMoras' fat face.

garrett said...

If Obama had any plans of reducing the amount of government spending, he would have a chance at making a positive difference in at least the U.S.A. and possibly the world.

Since he doesn't -- since he and McCain are busily promising basically everything to everybody -- he does not.

By the way, neither does McCain (have a chance to make a positive difference in at least the U.S.A. and possibly the world).

They're both hopeless.

Anonymous said...

I was in Bahrain in 2001, shortly after our operations in Afghanistan began. After serving aboard the USS Peleliu for about a month in the Indian Ocean, I returned to Bahrain. I spent about a week there getting ready to go home as my mission there had come to an end.

In the evenings I spent most of my time in the hotel restaurant and bar (yes, they have bars in the Middle East). I had the opportunity to speak with many Arab gentlemen as a result. Many came from around the region (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, etc.). On more than one occasion I heard the sentiment that 9/11 occurred due to our policies prior to that date in the region. When I asked specifically which policies, I was told our support for Israel, our inability to broker a solution to the Israeli/Palestinion question, our lack of support for countries in the Arab world, etc. Needless to say, I didn't agree with everything these gentlemen said, but it was an interesting perspective. Clearly, there was resentment towards the US that existed on the part of these gentlemen well prior to 9/11. While this was an unofficial "poll" as it were, I found it telling nonetheless, and perhaps a small window into what the guy on the street thought.

Given the above, I'd submit that in many ways the decline of goodwill towards the US, such as it existed in the Arab world began long before we went into Iraq. This has been a festering cauldron that started in 1948 (after we recognized Israel as an independent state), not March of 2003. To blame it solely on the Bush Administration might be convenient, but it ignores history. And successive administrations, both Republican and Democrat, have ignored it. We just reaped the whirlwind, and our presence in Iraq made it worse to an extent and brought it to the surface.


Mack said...

Obama could be the biggest screw up in history, but I'm still voting for his ass. I'm so damn classy. I wouldn't vote for McCain if you gave me all the money in the world. Remember how the Republicans called John Kerry a flip flopper...well, I want to throw a flip flop right at John McCain's head. I thought he was going to be different. He's not. I used to be a Republican. I'm not anymore and it's their fault. Now I'm blathering, but I get so mad I see red sometimes.