Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hello world!

First off, I don't know why some of the links are on the blogroll, but now on the blogroll post I put up the other day. Then again, there's a lot of things I don't know. In any event I will get the sidebar linked blogroll all pretty over the next day or so.

As I compiled this post, I was charmed, delighted, and fascinated by all of your sites. I spend so much of my time writing and researching that I do not get around to your places nearly enough, but do know how much I loved droppping in on all of you and having a how-do-you-do look-see.

You are one very cool posse. YAY!

Now for some linkedy-dinkedy love as promised!

Geoff Schutt is a writer, and the drafts of his work have a lot to say. In an ironic turn only a writer can understand, the first draft and the final draft have a lot in common.

I just met Melissa. She tastes like a peach!

Anthony Cartouche lives on Yazoo street. He's always chasing a scandal, always has a handle, so for him I'll light a candle.

Flipflop girl
has daily adventures that include wild kitties, mysterious bumps and a portion of her ass that vacations in Boca.

Tim Gager
is a writer who writes and talks in a dire fashion, with a side order of passion.

Now Josie is a lovely mystery, with a camera and a virtual history. Hmmm … what has she been up to??

Ajooja and I have a few things in common. For instance, we both remember when David Letterman was really good (and I daresay had less hair--or is that just my imagination?)

Satan is a personal friend of mine and a very upfront guy. He gets a lot of bad press.

Mongrel Porksword
has only one redeeming quality, but OH what a quality it is!

Ellison just offered me a stairway to heaven where I found a plate of fries. All I can say is you've got my senses working overtime.

Alf shot a man in Reno. Who cares? Pretty soon, she's going to be a doctor.

Ms. Baroque just moved to a lovely new spot in between a fellow named Keats and another named Stanley. Don't worry though, she's still in Hackney.

Kristin is just another white woman for Obama--oh, and a kickass writer as well--who gets her hair done in Kabul.

Sleepydog is my favorite puppy. He knows how to weaponize and is dead sexy when he wears just a guitar.

The Velvet Fog know wine. The Velvet Fog know bikes. The Velvet Fog know.

Jamwall, on the other hand, GOT COWBELL! And a few angry bananas …

Zen Wizard has a SHAMWOW! Incidentally, so does my neighbor and it no work no likey the 'ommercial says.

Josh Williams got some bard and lord and lard for you, 'iffin you're innerested. Oh yeah, he rides around on a mule and has a buddy whose toilet's always blogged.

Emmapeeldallas has four lil' sprouts that ain't so lil' anymore. She also knows the virtues of safe sex, digs her some Obama and wears contacts. Who knew?

The Fool is cool. He always shows me a side of Alaska I never expected. Maybe one day I'll go visit and he'll show me in person.

Mack is doing what I should be doing and she's doing it damn well. Plus, who doesn't want to visit the loo every hour?

Whitenoise and I both remember when "open container" was business as usual. So if you want it you gotta gotta bleed for it baby.

Glittergirl went to a restaurant I can't place! I wanna go I wanna go I wanna go! She's got dollies and majorettes as well. She is SO in the city.

Diane Vogel Ferri is one snazzy chick. She's a Cleveland fan as well--even the daily newspaper keeps an eye on her.

Helen Mansfield is prolly going to vote for the same guy as me in November. She is one of my favoritest peeps around and her hubby is pretty cool too.

Microsoar is a very interesting chap indeed. He hangs with a dame called Petunia Happenstance, keeps his phone in a can and builds fabulous flying machines.

Julia Farley is in a soggy rut, but she's not all washed up (although she knows who is). This girl got all the keen there is.

As for Eric, we have quite a few of those around here. Methinks this one might be a brand new groom. Am I right? Dunno.

Whew! I need a powder after that. Or maybe I'll go sun my terrible white feet.



The pottery in today's "kissy" graphic was handmade by Lil' OB.


Carol said...

Lil' OB is getting to be a talented artist. . . Cool Tray!

Erin O'Brien said...

Hi Carol and thanks for stopping.

I know it is dopey to post your kid's artwork, but sometimes I can't help myself and yes, I do SO love her pottery!

sevnetus said...

Please keep me on your blogroll. I will fix the return link promptly. Also, I appreciate your appreciation of art.

Erin O'Brien said...

Will do sevnetus! I'll probably be updating it tomorrow.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Thanks for the "shout out" I did not know my little, humble blog was being monitored by the PD for uncredited content. A little scary. Are Google images against the law ?

Anonymous said...

it ain't the "renaissance" of the last decade,
it ain't the rock-n-roll museum,
ain't Drew ain't Carey
ain't even the show he had,
ain't been the Browns since Brian Sipe and Lyle Alzado,
it's E. O'B that makes Cleveland cool.

Helen Mansfield said...

That is one subtle tan have.

Like me, I imagine you catch fire if left in the sun too long.

Robynsart said...

You found a gem in Geoff Schutt. His blog and his little corner of the net is awesome!

Erin O'Brien said...

I thought that was very funny Diane, but interesting as well.

swine know Cleveland! Now if that isn't a comfy furry little surprise, I don't know what is.

Helen, I am no tanbaby, but my face is ruddy as hell from all the walking.

Welcome Robynsart!

Zen Wizard said...

The Shamwow® is a scam. Wow.

It is time to rethink the standard, ancient Chamois of yore.

Your grandfather waxed his 1957 Thunderbird with it, and apparently HE got laid, or you would not be here!

philbilly said...

Nice tanline, oh white Goddess.