Saturday, June 21, 2008

Same time next year

Every year it's the same thing: on June 21, the days cease to get longer and begin getting shorter. It is a completely fair half-n-half system. Nonetheless, I always feel cheated on this day, as if I've missed something, wasn't given what was due to me, or that someone somewhere is enjoying a few more hours of daylight at my expense.

Perhaps today is a good day for change. I've just gotten some news.

erf, erf, erf.



Trée said...

Completely fair but you feel cheated. Sounds like something my wife would say and no matter how I argued the 'fair' she would argue louder the 'cheated.'

Toby said...

Living at the west edge of a time zone will get you more day light according to the clock. Up north works too. Getting some needs no clock.

Rod said...


Erin - tell us how you really feel about this chg.

deangc said...

Erf indeed.

A door closes, somewhere another one opens.

Erin O'Brien said...

I really don't know how the merge might effect me, so I won't speculate.

This may or may not mark the end of my "Rainy Day Woman" column, but it will certainly not end my writing career. Whatever the case, I have droves of things to write and no time to panic.

No one can take my craft away.

josh williams said...

Well, if you stay you have a wider audience and maybe more pay, more recognition some sort of syndication.
If they choose to keep their staff writers because its harder to eliminate people you work with regularly then the new boss may be forced to eliminate the people they are not close to despite talent and readership.It sounds like they have a alternative monopoly so where else will locals turn? If they make the wrong decision, you have time to work on your next novel, or if you would like my biography for instance, in this case we would call it an autobiography, since I would like to have some input in my defense and embellishment.
If I were you I would panic and expect the worst, but since I am not, you will realize that you have weathered worse, and maybe concentrating on your own projects may be the best move.
In other words I just reworded what you already said but you forgot my autobiography.I could really use the help, I have trouble with gerunds and semi-colons, and run on sentences and tangents and the over use of and, and such.

sevnetus said...

From a master of the obvious, it's nice that we still have a lot of daylight these current days, and, the publisher is going to be the same from the Free Times, and, wherever you write, it's gonna be interesting.

Whitenoise said...

Hope the column continues for you.

Weird, I've always felt that way about the solstice as well. But, I once heard a weatherman say that the rest of the summer was still like putting money into the bank- you're still depositing more sunlight than you're spending. That made me feel better. A bit.